Training: Long Slow Distance (LSD) Run

What is it?

Long slow distance (LSD) is both a term commonlu ised to describe a method of training for running or cycling and a way of running for non-competitive runners, particularly for those preparing to finish their first marathon.

Long slow distance running was first introduce or rather highlighted in an article publish in a book written by Joe Henderson written in 1969. Long Slow Distance running is exactly that of a typical 5km runner might run 13-16km, while a marathon runner might run 32km or more in preparing for their marathon. :SD run are typically done at an easy pace, similar of pace at which having conversation is  easy and typically about 1-2minutes slower than a runner 10km pace.


Advantages of Long Slow Distance Run

  • Better use of the body’s fat energy sore ad therefore greater pontential for weight loss.
  • Builds blood volume and increase muscle strength, endurance and fitness.
  • Less Stress on the body due the pace run in completing the run
  • This allows you to run with a friend and have conversation while running
  • Less potential of injury as it prepare you for the marathon distance

Disadvantage of Long Slow Distance Run

  • It takes a long time to do and complete.
  • Danger of becoming stuck in the pace as it is less stress and you tend to not want to push yourself
  • Can be difficult to find interesting route for the run of more than 90 minutes and there is a greater possibility of getting lost

Cheers! (:

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