Threshold Training

Discovering your threshold is important as so that you could work on them and improve on it for the next run. Your heart rate should be set about 5% below your known threshold. Threshold reps can be anything from 5 mins up to a sustained run of 25mins – recommended distance for beginner to intermiate runners. So you might mix and match during any one week, completing a session of 4 x5mins with a short recovery and a 20mins continuous run. If possible, precede each threshold wih an easy recovery run. Do check your threshold every eight to six weeks.


Benefits of improving Lactate Threshold

  • Speed up marathon pace
  • Improve speed endurance over a 10km and more
  • Build stamina to run strong and finish strong in a run or race


Example of Threshold training session

  • 4 set x 5mins run with 60sec Recovery Run (or)
  • 3 set x 6mins run with 60sec Recovery Run
  • 3 set x 8mins run with 90sec Recovery Run
  • 1 x 20mins
  • 3 x 10 mins run with 90sec Recovery Run
  • 1 x 25 mins

Cheers! (:

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