One man had been given a chance to travel around without a single cent from East to Southeast Asia with nothing more than an unlimited supply of Heinekens! The entire journey took place from Inner Mongolia to Bangkok, Justin’s objective is to use Heinekens being as a trading tool for all sorts of goods and services.

What makes this a memorable campaign is that the clip feature scenes of  some of the most exotic places  and  the people that he meet on his journey and this is something rare as you would normally see this sort of adventures on National Geographic and the Amazing race, only different is the additional challenge of having no cash except for bottle after bottle of Heinekens that he would have to trade for goods and services to help him in his journey

Below is Justin’s journey and the four episodes tracing Justin’s journey down to its end in Bangkok.

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Lesson learned here is that beer might just be a viable universal currency.

What would you trade for a Heineken?

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