Running Warming Up Routine

Here’s our recommended warm up routine to be done before going for that long run.

Go through each movement 8-10times, moving slowly, steadily and breathing normally

1) Leg Swing

With Hands on the hips for balance or with the aid of a chair or wall, swing one leg forwards and then backwards- TRY NOT To arch the lower back

Leg Swing

Leg Swing

2) Knee Raise

Raise your knee up to your chest and pause as you rotate your ankle then repeat the same on the other side.

Knee Raise

Knee Raise

3) Hip Rotation

With hands on hips and knee slightly bent, make a large circle with your hips, Repeat the same in the opposite direction

Hip Rotation

Hip Rotation

4) Shoulder Rotation

Lift your shoulder to your ear level, keep your hands low, rotate your shoulder round and back

Shoulder Rotation

Shoulder Rotation

5) Neck Rotation

Take your ear down to your shoulder, then rotate your chin down to your chest and up to the other side

Neck Rotation

Neck Rotation

Cheers! (:

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