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My Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure Half-day Tour

Posted: November 24, 2010 by minicoopers51

I was invited by omy.sg recently on a half day tour adventure by Royal Caribbean on board their majestic Legend of the Seas. I was a little reluctant to go at first as I had a boring experience on board cruise ship in the past as there was no activity cater to my interest. Cruise ship personally to me was all about relaxing/ lazying under the sun, gambling and is cater to the slightly older age group but what I seen onboard the Cruise ship really changes my whole prospective about a cruise holiday.

Before going onboard I did a little research on the Royal Caribbean Cruise and Legend of the Seas cruise ship. Royal Caribbean is a the second largest cruise line operator in the world which is base in the United states. ‘Legends of the Seas’ is 1 out of 22 ships in the entire fleet of Royal Caribbean International. It weight about 70,000 tonnes and have the capacity to host 2074 passenger. It has a total of 11decks with elegant dining room and lounges, casino, swimming pool, solarium, centrun and even a miniature golf course onboard. It is among the smallest ship and it set sail around South East Asia.

On 22nd November , Monday. We, Bloggers/ Writer gather at haborfront cruise center waiting patiently to board the Legend of the Seas. There we close to 40 bloggers/writer present for the event. We will split into 4 tour group. Each group will have a facilitator/ guide from Royal Caribbean to help guide, facilitate and explain more about the ship during the tour.

Before boarding we have to get pass customs. Getting passed customs had never been this hard before as each of the blogger/ writer were scan and check thoroughly by security before they were allowed onboard the cruise ship. Security is top of their agendas which is good as it gives an extra sense of assurance for the guest onboard the ship. Blogger/ writer is to exchange their pass for a temporary pass before boarding. We were escorted up to the Anchors A’weigh lounge which is one of their main lounge which can host up to a comfortable 400 passenger at a time. This Lounge is for Lectures, seminars and even demonstrations. Here Bloggers/ Writer was brief on the agenda of the day and was then separated into their tour group. I was assigned to group 2.

We proceed to the top deck of the ship which was on the 10th floor. This was highlight of the tour as we explore around the facilities and activity available onboard. I was curious so I decided to ask the staff about Royal Caribbean target demographics. She explains that unlike other cruise, Royal Caribbean is a family oriented holiday cruise that provide an adventure for all ages. From the young to the young-at-heart. it has something for everyone. From fine dining, great entertainment and sports leisure activities.

As we were touring the top deck, I realize that there is a blue track around the top deck, my guess was right this is a jogging track, guest onboard of the ship can do their morning jog around the deck, break a sweat and then watch the sunrise after that, what more can ask for?. As we carried on with the tour of the top deck we came across the miniature 9 hole golf course, I could not resist shooting a few holes before proceeding to the next attraction – the rock wall. I guess this is probably the most unique thing about the ship as not many ship have an outdoor 10m rock wall. As a rock climber it will feel really awesome to be able to climb a rock wall in the middle of the sea onboard a ship but sadly the wall is only open on certain time of the day.

We carried on with the tour of the top deck. While walking I ask the guide about some of the signature attraction available for the guest onboard the Legend of the Seas. She explain that as Royal Caribbean is a family oriented holiday package, so there are different activities to cater to the different age group. She highlighted the Adventure Ocean program, There are all together 5 different Adventure Ocean category, from as young as 3 to 5 and up to 15-17 each with a different age specific activity such as scavenger hunt, beach parties and taebo.

For adults there is a Casino, ballroom, movie theatre, free and easy activity and many more. Parents do not have to worry about their children as they can be sure that their child is having lots of fun engaging in the activities line up for them in he Adventure Ocean program.  Legend of the seas has their own Library medical centre onboard as well.

Next we were escorted to the Viking crown lounge where guest are able to get a full 360degrees panoramic view of the surrounding open seas, 150 feet above the wave level. This is one of the highest point and personally is one of the most beautiful place in the whole ship.

We head down to the solarium which is an indoor swimming and recreation area where guest can just laze around and enjoy the sun. they can also take dip in pool or jacuzzi. There is also a SPA where guest can enjoy sensual message and aroma therapy.

I was more interested to check out the gym onboard the ship. Located on the same section as the SPA. The air conditional spacious gym provide just the right amount of equipment and machine to cater the needs of the sports junkie like myself who can’t seem to survive throughout the day without engaging in physical exercise. Treadmill, Stationary Bikes, Lat machines and free weight are available for use. You will definitely break a sweat.

Due to the shortage of time, we were quickly escorted to check out some of the different rooms available in the ship.

We proceed to the Romeo & Juliet dining hall for lunch. This is the only dining hall in the ship that impose a dress coat. Just like any high class restaurant or hotel, guest are required to put on their formal attire for meals. The menu for the day changes regularly, for lunch I have decided to eat something light as I have training in the evening. I had decided to go with the shrimp for appetizer which was then followed by the Chef’s Halibut which is fish and for dessert we were serve Ivory chocolate fondue. This was also a good time to get to know the other bloggers/ writer and share their experience of the tour.

Many bloggers/ writers would agreed that the time spend on the cruise was too short and they do have the time to experience and make use of the facilities. Some suggested that the tour which be a day long as there is just too many things to see and explore onboard the ship.

Overall it was an interesting day as I was able to learn a little bit more Royal Caribbean and also explore the different part and facilities available onboard the Legends of the seas. I hope that I could one day set sail in one of the voyage onboard the Legends of the Seas..

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