2011 Singapore Running Events Calendar

* Highlighted Green – Event date not confirm

* Update – I have decided to Include some interesting  Overseas Marathon into the list.

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Race Organisers who wish to list down their events or races, do drop us an email at minicoopers51@gmail.com

(L) – Local Singapore Event ; (O) – Overseas Marathon

January 2011

February 2011

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November 2011

December 2011

Race Organisers who wish to list down their events or races, please drop us an email at minicoopers51@gmail.com

Cheers! (:

Last Updated : 11/08/11

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58 thoughts on “2011 Singapore Running Events Calendar

  1. Fabulous – have been looking for 2011 calendar – thanks for putting together. I just did the Great Eastern 10k, and am not yet ready for a half marathon. Do you know of any 15-16km runs? Thanks

    • u can try the 12km in april run..www.2xucompressionrun.com.sg n the northeast run 16km in march..king of the road adidas run in oct if i’m not wrong. good luck. n there’s also a newbalance 10km realrun. u can browse for details online or ask frends.

  2. thanks for posting this 2011 running events… just a beginner started running for the past 2 months and completed 3.5K, 4K and 5K fun run!!! looking forward to improve my timings in preparation for my targetted goal of half-marathon by the end of 2011!!!

    • Hey… same here…. but I completed 2 x 10km run..
      looking to complete half marathon 1st, if possible, try full at the end of the year..

  3. 29/05/2011 – Htyai Marathon
    12/06/2011 – Laguna Phuket Marathon
    26/06/2011 – SCKL
    26/06/2011 – Bali International Triathlon Jimbaran Bay
    07/08/2011 – Hatyai Nature Run

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  5. How about adding the Angkor Wat Half Marathon into the list. It will be held on Dec 4th 2011. A group of us took part in it last year and had a great time running past the historical sites. Small event with less than a thousand runners in the half marathon category.


  6. Hi. Im planning to travel to Singapore anytime September. Id like to run in one of Singapore’s running event on this month. Could you give me great event on that month where i can join? An event that I can already checked out the details so I can plan it well since Ill still be coming from Phil. Marina Bay run would be great but until now I cant check their details yet.Any suggestions?


  7. Hi. For the marathon on the 4th December 2011, how do we register?
    Any website to visit so we can check details of the event?
    Would appreciate your help.

    • Goddess Run, Believe it or not Nike was named after a greek goddess, so it natural for nike to go to this direction.

  8. Hi,

    I am from the Shape Magazine. We are glad to see the Shape Run 2011 on your calender of events. But the information is not accurate. Can you please update the information on the calender? Shape Run 2011 (not the Nike Shape Run) will be held on 24 July 2011.

    Details of the event can be can be found on the website above.

    Appreciate your assistance on this matter.

    Thank you

    Ms Chan Yit Ying
    Marketing Manager
    SPH Magazines Pte Ltd
    (T) 6319 5814

  9. Hi! Is the Dec 4 SG marathon the ING race? What distances does this normally have? I’m from the Philippines and it will be my first time to run out of the country, i’ve been hearing SG sponsors nice races and am interested =) If you have any details, would love to hear from you. thanks!

    • 4 Dec is the Singapore Marathon. 10km, 21km and 42km distance. It’s a must go event to participate in Singapore (:

  10. Hi ,
    How will I know if Nike Human Race registration is opened?
    I really do not want to miss it as I know is really a hot event always full within 4 to 6days.
    Would you be able to alert me, once the registration is opened ?

  11. Hi ,
    How will I know if Nike Human Race registration is opened?
    I really do not want to miss it as I know is really a hot event always full within 4 to 6days.
    Really hope you could inform me once the registration is opened.

  12. Hi,
    Can pls inform me once the Nike Human Race registration is opened.
    i ve missed the registration for the last 2 yrs & i dont want to miss it again this yr.

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  14. I guess I’m too late to participate for the Standard Chartered Run on 4 Dec 2011 as registration is closed. I’m wondering if anyone who has participated but is not planning to run or could not run due to whatever reasons. I need a number tag but not the goodie bag…wonder if anyone can help…

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