Movie: No String Attached Review

In conjunction with Valentines’ Day, invited bloggers/writes to a exclusive movie preview of the Romantic Comedy, It staring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher – No String Attached.

No String Attached questions the idea behind “Friends with benefits” can a relationship strictly remain physical without having any emotional connections between the two, thus having no ties or expectation with regards to finances, exclusivity or romance. Literally, there are no strings binding the two together.

In the movie Natalie Portman plays the character of Emma Franklin, a doctor who’s isn’t looking for love and is not ready for a relationship because of time issues. Even at a young age she doesn’t believe in the idea of a relationship. Things got a little complicated when she was reunited with a long time acquittance/ friend Adam Kurtzman played by Ashton Kutcher whom she had not met for more than 5 years (The last time they met,   Emma invited Adam to attend this  “ Stupid thing”).

Adam is a struggling screen play writer whose Dad (Kevin Kline) was once a famous Television Star. Adam who was recovering from a bad breakup with Vanessa (whom he found out later was dating his Dad) was still feeling the lost and was searching for a new girl in this life. Adam turn desperate after knowing of his Dad affair with Vanessa that he decided kill his sorrow by getting drunk and to make random phone calls to all his female contacts. Adam was so drunk that he passed out.

Next morning, Adam awaken in apartment naked and confuse as he tries to piece back together what had happen the night before. He soon realize that he was in Emma’s apartment and she explains that he was “pissed drunk” when he got over to her place and started taking his clothes off and crying about what had happen. Just like a chemical reaction in a chemistry lab, sparks flew and they make out and this is where the movie unfolds.

Since they enjoys each other and they decided to use each other for casual sex without having no string attached between them, they establish rules such as no staring in each other eyes, no calling each other nicknames, No flowers and No Jealousy that will help make their relationship remain strictly physicals. At first their “relationship” worked great for both; Emma could focus on her career instead of allowing her feelings to dictate her decisions, and Adam can continuing on “playing the field” without fear of hurting her feelings.

Over, time, thing get more complicated when Adam start developing feelings for Emma that he never had for any of his previous girls and before they both know it, love and jealousy has sets in and they start feeling emotionally involved in the relationship. Will they eventually get together in the end despite being too busy and involve in their own carrer?

This is a must watch Romantic comedy movie with a twist, whether if you’re single or attached this is one movie you should go and watch this coming Valentine’s Day. Just to share with you guys, the only reason I watch this movie is because Natalie Portman (She’s Hawt!) is in the movie, do you even need another reason to watch the movie?

Cheers! (:

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