Hype: Adidas Adipure Trainer – First Look

Adidas had just recently release their Adidas Adipure Trainer.

The Adidas Adipure Trainer is designed to mimic exercising barefoot, but with the protection, traction and durability of wearing shoes. Those who wear the shoes say they force them to rely on the body’s natural movements and avoid injury. Critics say the shoes cause muscle injuries that running shoes do not.

The barefoot-shaped construction of the adipure Trainer mimics the foot’s anatomy creating a natural-feeling shoe that still protects the skin and provides traction and durability.

“My feet are able to move naturally in all directions and I can work muscles from my toes all the way to my calves,” said U.S. women’s national soccer team midfielder Heather O’Reilly when testing out the new adipure Trainer. “The adipure helps me improve my balance and increase my foot and leg strength to help me play a full 90 minutes at my highest level.”

In almost every sport, the foot is the first part of your body to absorb impact or get you moving, so it’s crucial for your feet to provide balance, flexibility and strength. This piece of equipment is designed to help athletes strengthen their feet and lower legs while still providing comfort and protection during their strength training and conditioning workouts.

Can’t wait for them to reach Singapore…

Cheers! (:

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