Hype : Salomon X-Trail Run 2010 Route Release

As the Salomon X-trail run draws nearer and nearer. Many participant is still waiting patiently for more details such as the release of the running route. Wait no further as the running route is finally out.

Registration for the run is close but here are some intersting information that will come in useful.

As of 30th October the number of sign up for the 2010 SalomonX-Trail was 2640 which is an increase of 212 runners from 2428 last year, this shows the how popular the trail running had turn out to be since.

Breakdown of Sign up

The 5  race categories are as follow:

–  Men’s Open(12km Competitive) – 1271 runners

– Women’s Open(12km Competitive) – 384 runners

– Men’s Veteran* (12km Competitive) – 239 runners

– Women’s Veteran** (12km Competitive) – 89 runners

– 4.6km  Non-Competitive – 657 runners

*Men’sVeteran- above the age of 45

**Women’sVeteran- above the age of 40

What to expect? expect the uexpected!

Race Pack collection

Date: 6th & 7th November 2010
Venue: Velocity @ Novena Square Wing Atrium
Time: 11am to 8pm

Flag off timing

Men’s Open will start at 0730H sharp,
Women’s Open/Men’s & Women’s Veteran at 0735H.
Non-Competitive runners at 0815H

See you in MacRitchie on the 14 November. Be sure to put on your best trail running shoe as it’s going to be a wild ride.

Cheers! (:

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