Training: Salomon X-trail Race Clinic

On the 30th October, A race clinic was conducted for runners who would be taking part in the Salomon X-trail run on 14 November at the MacRitchie Reservoir.  Unlike most running clinic, this is a trail running clinic that will help prepare the participant for the race and also to give valuable tips on performing well when running in trail condition and uneven terrains. This was the first time Salomon organize such clinics/ session.

That morning saw about 30 eager runners coming together at MacRitchie Reservoir, all gear up to explore and learn more about trail running. Many would expect that this will just be another lecturing clinic/ session but they were wrong.  As soon as they arrive, everyone was inform of the programme agenda. Participant were led by Mr. David Shum, who also happens to be the Singapore Armed Forces running coach, they began by doing some effective warm up before heading off to run the terrain. For the training run, participant were let and guided on the 4.6km training route; this would be the same route use for the 4.6km category during the Salomon X-trail Run on 14th November.

Participant were given number bib and off they go into the trail. It was wet as it rain in the morning, temperature was quite cooling  and there were puddle or water along the route. This was certainly a great experience for the participant whom have yet gotten a taste of how it is like running in terrain condition and on the unpredictability of running in this terrains. Personally it felt refreshing for me as I had not run in this condition for almost 2 weeks, last one being the real run.

We soon exit out of the trail route and were running on path way along the side of the road. It was a mixture of uphill and downhill which provide the extra challenge. We completed the loop and gather at MacRitchie Reservoir Amenities Center where we began the run in the morning.  H-TWO-O was serve to participant to replenish their electrolyte.  Guided by Mr. David Shum we did some cool down exercise and stretches to help our muscle to relax after the run that we undergo  earlier. He then give a breakdown of the different type of cool down exercise that is effective for running. Next was he explains the difference between wearing a trail shoe and wearing your normal running shoes when running on trail.

This was maybe the most interesting segment of the clinic as he explain that the shoes we wore are like the car that we drive. He use the analogy of driving whereby running shoes are like BMWs and Trail running shoes are like 4WD off road vehicle.  A BMW is perfectly fine to be use when driving on the road but not so when driving on the uneven terrain conditon, thus one should invest on 4WD, in this case a trail running shoe. A trail running shoe would provide added traction, support and protecting for runners when running in the harsh unforgiving terrain. He highlighted the different part of the Salomon trail running shoe and it’s uses. Question and Answer session took place after that.

The clinic ended at about 9am. Many participant stayed back to ask questions on trail running and to take a look the different range of Salomon trail running shoe available among them were the Salomon Speedcross II and the Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra. Participant did not leave empty handed as well as they receive a limited edition Salomon water bottle.

I can’t wait to run the 12km route on 14th November –  Salomon X-trail run 2010 Mac Ritchie.


Race Pack Collection

Date: 6th & 7th November 2010
Venue: Velocity @ Novena Square Wing Atrium
Time: 11am to 8pm

More Info :

More photos :

Distants : 4.67km
Power Song : Not Afraid – Eminem
Gear Use: Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra

See you on 14th November.

Cheers! (:

One thought on “Training: Salomon X-trail Race Clinic

  1. Hi minicoopers51,

    It was an interesting and informative session. Thanks to Mr David and his fellow runners too.

    Seeya @ the run!

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