Press Release: New Balance 2013 Year of the Snake 574 Pack

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, the ‘574 Year of the Snake’ collection is a must for sneaker fanatics. This snake-print sneaker design comes in 4 colours, 1 of which is a limited edition. The collection retails at S$125 for the green, red and black versions and S$155 for the black multi-colour limited edition version


Dress up for the 2013 Year of the Snake by adding a bit of the wild to your style with New Balance’s boldly coloured, snakeskin inspired 574 sneakers.


The snake symbol in the Chinese Zodiac is associated with enigma and astuteness. Pairing intense colours with geometric patterns, the New Balance 2013 Year of the Snake 574 Pack brings to life the spirit of the snake.


The first three options sport a mix of snake-scale embossed synthetic leather, nylon and suede in monotones of black, joyous red and forest green. Combined with tri-colour gradient round laces that conjure snake-like twisting motions, these sneakers boast interesting details.


To take a bit of the bite out of the potent look, each sneaker is adorned with subtle gold accents on the tongue tab and the heel tab in the form of an emblem that features the Chinese character for Snake. There is also a removable insole decorated with multi-colour snakeskin graphics. 


For those who like to experiment with alternative looks, the New Balance 2013 Year of the Snake 574 Pack offers a fourth version featuring reptilian prints in an eclectic mix of black, red and green.


Embrace the snake that will make your New Year footwear the most striking of all.


Cheers! (:




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