Press Release: Mizuno Wave Wave Inspire 9 for the New Year

More Dynamic and Supportive than ever before

The Mizuno Wave Inspire is Mizuno’s #1 support shoe. Engineered for runners seeking the best of both support and flexibility, The Wave Inspire’s glove-like fit makes it seem to disappear from your foot to create a light-as-air ride all while providing the critical stability and protection you need for miles of brilliant running.


Dynamic and fast, the latest Wave Inspire 9 offers runners a moderate pronation support shoe with advancements in fit and motion control. As part of Mizuno’s ‘Moments’ campaign, the Wave Inspire 9 is designed to work in harmony with the wearer to reinforce the truly memorable experiences of running. Everything the Wave Inspire stands for is represented in this latest edition, whilst subtle technological advances make the Wave Inspire 9 feel even more dynamic and controlled than before. Such technical advances include the exciting evolution of Mizuno’s unique Dynamotion Fit technology.
Dynamotion Fit is effectively a series of strategically placed panels throughout the shoe that are positioned to enhance a snug-fit feel. In the Wave Inspire 9, the lateral eye has been moved backwards increasing the support where its needed most (at the landing phase), reducing excess volume and ensuring the shoe moves more in unison with the wearer.


Providing a silky smooth, transitional ride from the heel impact to the toe off, the Wave Inspire 9 also features new innovations in the SmoothRide concept, through technological advancements in the SR Touch technology. As a shock-absorbing cushioning compound found in the midsole’s rearfoot, the new SmoothRide Foam is even lighter and more responsive than the VS-1 used in its predecessor.
Mizuno6.12 137686.jpg
Whilst providing ample cushioning and stability, the Wave Inspire 9 weighs in at just 295g compared to the Wave Inspire 8’s 315g. New advancements in upper construction with bonded and lighter material selections to support straps and mesh constructions help improve the overall lightweight feel.

 Staying true to the natural DNA of the Wave Inspire series, the unique Double Fan Shaped Wave technology and wider gauge on the front area of the forefoot provides extreme stability for runners that over pronate.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 is set for release in Singapore in early 2013.

Cheers! (:

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