New Balance Numbering System – Which one you should get?

It can get very confusing when choosing the right New Balance shoe for you, New Balance have a few thousand models to choose from and it is impossible to understand what each model is for if you don’t know how to decode the numbers (model). Choosing the right model is important so that it will cater to your needs, choosing the right shoe model will also assist you in buying the right model for your foot type and running pattern.

excellence NB

Recently, New Balance had unveils a new numbering system for their shoes. Previously it is based on a pricing structure but now it has been change according to the level of performance and performance series. In addition, the new system is designed to simplify naming conventions when a New Balance running shoe is updated with a new version.

:: Examples ::

A typical New Balance shoe may be named as, “MR768WN.” The first one or two letters represents the gender and sneaker type, such as “MR,” which is short for “Men’s Running.” The numbers are the model number and the last two letters represent the color or style of the model such as white and navy. All running footwear will end with 0 (860, 1080, 890 etc)

Renaming of models

The New Balance 1064 is now being rename to the New Balance 1080.

Here the “10″ refers to the level of performance whereby the higher numbers equate better technology and quality and the “80″ refers to the performance series.

Shoe Type

The New Balance 1080 is part of the neutral category of running shoes;

Here, The “80″ represents running shoes that are designed for high-mileage runners seeking superior cushioning.

How the Numbering System Works (shoe type base on last 2 digit)

40: Optimal Control

New Balance MR840


Supported by medical and podiatric experts, shoes in this category provide maximum control, stability, cushioning and support for biomechanical needs such as pronation and low arches.

50: Fitness Running

New Balance MR850


For training on roads or for indoor workouts, the 50 Series offers the combination of visual attitude and innovation with the responsiveness and power athletes need.

60: Stability



Stability shoe designs that offer industry-leading stability to reduce pronation while also providing unparalleled cushioning and comfort.

70: Light Stability



Mild Stability shoe. 70 Series shoes offer the perfect combination of stability and speed, all in a lighter, sleek profile designed for runners who train at a faster pace.

80: Neutral



Neutral Running shoe for high-mileage runners who require light shoes and the protection of superior cushioning.

90: Speed

MR890v2 "British Miler"

MR890v2 “British Miler”

Lightweight for faster runners who want every advantage, including a superior ride and fit. The choice trainers for professional and non-professional speed and distance runners.

00: Competition



Racing flats and spiked shoes that define high performance. Competition-level footwear for athletes who want to maximize performance, set records and win gold

Next Version

When a new version of the New Balance 1080 shoe is released, a v2 will be placed at the end of the shoe name and this will continue as part of the series. NB 1080v2, NB 1080v3 etc.

Classics & Walking 


NB574 Year of Snake Edition 2013

While the new naming convention will be applied to New Balance running shoes, the naming convention will not apply to the classic New Balance 574 shoe as well as New Balance walking and casual shoes. Both the New Balance 993 shoe and all New Balance walking shoes will retain their current name and number.

Cheers! (:


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