Review: ACE PRO Calf Sleeves

Recently, I had a chance to try out the new Ace Pro Calf sleeve. I had been reading up on the benefit of wearing calf sleeve on how it could help with shin splints and how it would help support the runner’s calf muscle therefore runner will be able to run longer and further as the calf sleeve would help to increase blood circulation thus reducing  the effect of  fatigue & cramps when running. And just like the other Ace compression wear, the calf sleeve is also made with a special wicking material that help to disperse sweat out of the compression top therefore making the material breathable and making the skin feels dry and cool.

Ace Compression Calf Sleeve

I was able to run using it for my Gold Coast Airport Marathon in Australia. The sleeve provide good insulation as the weather in Gold Coast was so much colder, than in Singapore it help my calf feel warm when running thus preventing cramps and provide better circulation. The calf sleeve was great in a sense that it keeps my calf warm and it provide support to my calf and Achilles thus, reducing the effect of fatigue and cramps.

21km at Gold Coast Airport Full Marathon

Anyone would agree with me when I said that the most painful part of running the marathon is not while running it but rather the pain will come after the end of the marathon. At that point when you stop running and the muscle start to tense up and you soon realize that walking just got difficult and painful. Previously, I would just go for a swim or rather just dip in the pool to loosen the muscle but since the weather in Gold Coast was freezing, I decided not to.

I put on the calf sleeve immediately after the marathon and somehow after about 4hrs or so I was back out walking like normal with minimal limping. It seems that putting on the calf sleeve helps to shorten the recovery time taken for the tense muscle to recover and relax.

Recovery Beach Run- A day after the 42km marathon

I continue wearing the calf sleeve to sleep and by the next morning, the affect of the post marathon was gone, I was able to do a short recovery run at the beach with ease.

However I was not able to run using the calf sleeve at our local climate so I won’t know if it will get uncomfortable especially with the sweat buildup during the run but despite that  the calf sleeve is instrumental when use for recovery and you can be sure that I will definitely put it on after all my runs.

Personal Rating 7/10

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