Review: SGRunners 5th Anniversary

19th of June marks the 5th anniversary of our beloved running community site, 5 Years since the running community was form with the aim of providing the latest happening in the local running scene; for Singaporean by Singaporean. SGRunners currently have more than 3000 active members that regularly post and share running tips with the other member via its forum.

Sgrunners have been following close to its objective of linking all Singapore running enthusiasts into one website and providing them with information as well as a platform to exchange tips and pointers on running, give updates on forthcoming local and overseas running events, motivate one another to attain their running goals as well as build up friendships among those who enjoy the simple pleasures and healthy rewards of running.

To commemorate this historical date, SGrunners organized the simple run, a 4.9km run with a twist in Mac Ritchie Reservoir.

The rule of the run is simple;

  • Participants have to write down the estimated finish time for them to complete the 4.9km distance on a piece of form at the registration table before the start of the race.
  • Participants are not allowed bring along any form of electronic gadgets which include watches, GPS devices, MP3 players, hand phones during the duration of the run. Just a wear the Red Event Tee, shorts, sock, shoes and just’s that simple.

This was clearly not about how fast one can run to the finishing line but it will be more like a challenge of whoever can complete the distance closes to the estimated time they had predicted to complete the distance. With no watches, GPS or any other electronic devices allowed to accompany the participant throughout the race, participant would just have to run and trust themselves that they could complete the distance closes to the time they have written before the race.

Personally, it was the most unique running event I have ever took part in this year as not only that participant was able to see if they are able to match their predict time but they also get to meet other SGrunners members whom they have chatted with online from the forum. Close to 150 or more members came down to celebrate this special occasion and at the same time to take part in this first ever and unique run. The day started as the participant queue up at the registration booth to collect their Official 5th anniversary Red SGrunners top and to write down their time prediction in completing the distance.

Next was the Phototaking session, we are one big red happy running family.

The race was flag off by non other than our very own founder, The LonelyRunner. Flag off and everyone rushes into the designated route all with a single thing in their mind and that is to complete the distance nearest to the time they had written down before the start of the race. It was refreshing to run and see familiar faces along the way.  For some this is a competition so with a simple smile given to the other participant they sped off forward. Running is Mac Ritchie has always been a favorite for me as I enjoy the greenery, the mud and the atmosphere of running in trail terrain.

Just like that the race was over, as it was only a short distance run many completed the race within 30mins or so. As soon as we crossed the finishing line, each participant was given a special finisher token; a delicious unique finisher cupcake.


With The Lonely Runner

After completing the race all the participant gather to catch up with the other members to discussing on what they felt about the event. This was a good opportunity for members to mingle around and get to know the rest. Next came the prize giving ceremony, “Sotong” was the emcee in charge of the mic and the show, he was tall and hilarious. Everyone had a great time laughing and cheering on as he calls them up to receive the prizes for the lucky draw.


Overall, It was a well organize and I was glad to be apart of the celebration. Cheers to the biggest running family in Singapore, SGRunners. May we all have many more happy running with – Built by Singaporean for Singaporean.

More Photos here:

Official Simple run site:

Thanks to Kelly for the official photo.

Powersong : None ( No Mp3 Allowed)
Gear Use: Salomon Speedcross II

Cheers! (:

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