Review: Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2010

Date: 13 June 2010,

Flag off Point: Open Space between Block 121 & 123 Bukit Merah View

“Change shouldn’t be drastic. It doesn’t need to be quick. It will take time, patience, and motivation.”

is probably the best way how I could describe the Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2010. Being that this was the third time I am participating in this race since 2008, the run have seen little but yet significant changes over the years and had made participating in the race more enjoyable every time. Organizers had made productive changes to ensure that the participant had a really nice time participating in the race.

Race Route

Just like the previous years participants gathered at the Open Space between Block 121 & 123 Bukit Merah View on a special Sunday Morning to challenge themselves in completing the 10k Mount Faber run. The route was kept the same as previous years. The route will test the runners severely as they make their way across the Bukit Merah and towards Mount Faber, where a series of uphill and downhill terrains awaits them.  Even if one had done the route before, everyone would agrees that the completing the course is not going to be a walk in the park.

Goody Bag

Flag off time was at 7:30am. Many participant turn up in their Grey/ Yellow Mizuno Event Singlet, personally I feel this is one of the nicest running singlet I had ever gotten from any running event. The first 2-3 km was a series of uphill and downhill terrain, following the contours of the township of Bukit Merah. Then we came to the first traffic stop. Organizers did not have the rights to stop traffic, therefore everyone unfortunate had to stop and wait for the traffic marshall to give the “Go Sign” before proceeding.

View along the route

A minor hindrance, but after that everything was smooth. Up next was the route up Mount Faber. The route required everyone to run uphill to reach the peak of Mount Faber. This was clearly the toughest section of the race. Water Aid station was there to provide Ice cold H-TWO-O to all the participants.

Once we completed and reach the base of Mount Faber, the next 3km was on road pavement, along the road back to Bukit Merah. The terrain was flat therefore making it easy to sprint and dash to the finishing line. As there were several more traffic junctions, participant had to wait patiently to cross and continue on their journey. Some runners felt that it was irritating as it contributed badly to their timing.

7.5km Route Marker 2.5km of flat route to go

Crossing the finishing line, I was able to beat my goal of finishing the run in under 52mins. As soon as we crossed the finishing line, Finisher Medals was given out to every finisher; this was the first time Mizuno giving out Finisher’s medal for this event.

Finisher Medals

Everyone gathers at the H-TWO-O booth for some refreshment and bananas, Some quickly queue up for the free massage at one of the booth set up there. There was a sea of runners in their Grey Yellow event running jerseys, and everyone was smiling and congratulating one another on their accomplishment in completing the 10K Mount Faber Run. This was soon followed by the prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw events.

Massage Booth

Overall, it was a challenging Sunday morning run with a beautiful view at the top of Mount Faber. I had so much fun participating in the run.  Although there are some participants that till wish for the organizer could implement traffic blocks throughout the route so that they do not have to wait for the traffic before proceeding (which inversely added more seconds to our timing. Other things the organizer could improve on are probably to have a water point at the peak of Mount Faber, more portable toilets.

Finishers - We will be back next year

I will definitely look forward for next year.

Power Song: Breathing by Yellowcard

Gear use: Mizuno Wave Rider 13

Cheers! (:

2 thoughts on “Review: Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2010

  1. The Mizuno 2010 Mt Faber race was terrific and full of surpirses (for a 1st timer like me). Just when you thought its going to be flat all the way, there came another gradual uphill to conquer. I was fortunate that it was “green” for me at the various traffic points.

    There were times I thought I was not going to complete this race. What kept me going was that a friend of mine was already ahead & I was not going to disappoint him … and my wife who was ready with her camera at the Finish line. So, huffed & puffed I made my way to the Finish Banner. My time was 60 minutes 8 seconds. At 50 years and 6-months, I am happy with the timing that I clocked.

    Completing the Mt Faber 2010 Race actually gave me confidence to seek out other races. It was a good race and well-organised.

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