REVIEW: Mizuno Wave Mujin 9

The Mizuno Wave Mujin 9 is a versatile trail running shoe that is suitable for both experienced and novice runners. It is designed to provide protection, cushioning, and lightness for runners tackling the most challenging terrains.

The shoe weighs 340 grams, which is lighter than the previous model, thanks to the new Michelin rubber outsole with LUG technology that provides excellent grip, traction, and durability. The shoe also features TPU support panels in the heel and ankle area to ensure a comfortable, stable, and secure fit, preventing any unnecessary lateral movement of the foot that could cause instability during running.

The shoe’s midsole features Mizuno’s full-length Foam Wave technology bounded by the U4icX upper midsole and Mizuno Enerzy lower midsole, which provides unparalleled cushioning, energy return, and stability, enabling smoother strides even on the steepest terrain. The shoe’s upper design is breathable mesh for maximum comfort, and the tongue integrated into the upper ensures a secure fit.

It is worth noting that the upper lining, sock liner, and shoelaces are made from 90 percent recycled materials, indicating Mizuno’s commitment to researching performance and comfortable products, as well as sustainability.

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Mujin 9 is a sturdy shoe with good durability and an outstanding Michelin outsole designed to tackle harsh terrain comfortably. The shoe is suitable for hiking or slower running due to its weight, making it an excellent choice for ultra trails. It is the first Mizuno trail shoe in the US in several years. It is fully equipped with Mizuno’s signature features to keep runners comfortable on even the harshest terrain.

Weight340 grams
OutsoleMichelin rubber outsole with LUG technology for grip, traction, and durability
SupportTPU support panels in the heel and ankle area for a stable and secure fit
MidsoleMizuno Foam Wave technology with U4icX upper midsole and Mizuno Enerzy lower midsole for cushioning, energy return, and stability
UpperBreathable mesh for comfort, with a tongue integrated into the upper for a secure fit
SustainabilityUpper lining, sock liner, and shoe laces made from 90 percent recycled materials
DurabilityGood durability for harsh terrain
Toe BoxRoomy toe box with good hold
FitTrue to size with a secure, well-held upper
BreathabilityAverage breathability
Recommended UseSuitable for trail running, hiking,

While some reviewers noted that the shoe is heavier than expected, others highlighted its comfort and protective feeling, with good cushioning and a secure, well-held upper. The shoe’s fit is true to size, with a roomy toe box that is well-held, and the breathability feels to be average, not overly. In conclusion, if you need a shoe with an outsole for harsh conditions, the Mizuno Wave Mujin 9 might be a contender, thanks to its excellent grip, traction, and durability, as well as its overall comfort and protective features.

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