Review: ASICS Magic Speed – The Perfect Combination of Speed and Comfort

Are you a runner searching for a shoe to take your performance to the next level?

Look no further than the ASICS Magic Speed™. This versatile shoe is designed with cutting-edge technology to enhance your running experience, from daily training runs to half and full marathons. With a lightweight design, unique GUIDESOLE™ technology, and carbon forefoot plate, the ASICS Magic Speed™ can help propel you forward with every stride. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, this shoe will help you achieve your best.

ASICS Magic Speed™

ASICS Magic Speed™ Shoe: The Perfect Combination of Speed and Comfort

If you’re a runner looking for a versatile shoe for racing and regular training runs, then the ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe is the perfect option. Here’s why:

GUIDESOLE™ Technology and Carbon Forefoot Plate

The ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe features GUIDESOLE™ technology and a carbon forefoot plate that provides a smooth rolling sensation, propelling your foot forward through each stride, making it an excellent choice for runners looking to achieve their personal best.

ASICS Magic Speed™

Lightweight Design with Responsive Cushioning

Despite being stacked with FF BLAST™ cushioning, the ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe is surprisingly lightweight. The responsive feel of the step makes it perfect for long-distance races such as half and full marathons.

Ideal for High-Mileage Needs

Not only is the ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe great for racing, but it also makes an excellent daily trainer for high-mileage needs. The shoes upper is minimal, lightweight, and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Effective Shock Absorption and Pronation Control

The shoe is neutral, has normal-sized arches, and provides effective shock absorption, which reduces the risk of injuries. It has a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, weighs 224g (men’s US9), and provides neutral pronation control.

Flexible Carbon Plate and Flytefoam Blast Foam

The Magic Speed’s midsole has a flexible carbon plate that is longer on the medial side, adding the right amount of stiffness to the forefoot. The Flytefoam Blast foam is medium-firm in softness, providing a responsive ride without the extreme spring of fully-plated shoes.

Durable Outsole with ASICS GRIP

The outsole of the Magic Speed™ shoe has plenty of thick, durable rubber made with ASICS GRIP, which is softer and more flexible than AHAR+. This ensures the outsole’s durability will be above average, allowing for at least 800 kilometers of use.

ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe Sole

Perfect for New Carbon-Plated Shoe Users

The ASICS Magic Speed is an excellent choice for runners new to carbon-plated shoes. Its partially carbon-plated midsole provides a firm and responsive ride without the extreme spring of fully-plated shoes or the high price tag.

Ideal for Speed Workouts

The Magic Speed’s lightweight construction makes it ideal for tempo-day speed workouts, while it’s smooth transitions and peppy toe-off provide an efficient ride that allows runners to go fast with minimal effort.

Breathable and Comfortable Design

Lastly, the minimally padded upper and breathable design make the ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe an excellent option for runners who need a shoe that can keep up with their demanding training schedule without sacrificing comfort or breathability.

Shoe FeatureDescription
GUIDESOLE™Provides a smooth rolling sensation for an efficient ride
FF BLAST™Cushioning technology that adds a responsive feel to each step
ASICS GRIP outsoleDurable rubber outsole with good grip and flexibility
Flytefoam Blast foamMedium-firm foam that is glued down for added stability
5mm heel-to-toe dropHelps promote a more natural foot strike
Weight224g (men’s US9)
Suitable forLong-distance races and regular training runs

In conclusion, the ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe is a versatile option for runners who seek a responsive, comfortable, and affordable shoe. While it may not suit everyone’s preferences for plush or maximalist shoes, the Magic Speed™ is perfect for those who enjoy a firmer ride, minimally padded upper, and extra pop off their toes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the unique features of the ASICS Magic Speed™ shoe for your next racing or training run.

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