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Keeping the body hydrated during the race ensure that you are in ultimate peak performance.

During training and in some long-distance trail running event, hydration is station might not be available therefore having a running hydration gear with you can be vital in helping you get across that finish line safely!

“Like running shoes, athletic clothing, and accessories such as a pedometer, all have certain features that you desire to assist you in overall better performance, and This is similar when it comes to choosing the right hydration systems for you.”

Choosing the right running system should be determined by the level of comfort and function required according to the activity.

For example, If you’re a speed walker, you consider just holding on to your water bottles for the duration of the race rather than carrying a hydration pack.

We recommend: Nathan Handheld Water Bottle and Phone Case

Nathan handheld waterbottle>> Nathan Handheld Water Bottle and Phone Case

For a full out long distant runner, however, having to hold the bottles throughout the race may be of a hindrance; therefore it is recommeded to switch to a more stable running belt with a bottle holder so that you can store your other items such as keys, wallet and mobile phone.

We recommend: Upgrade Running Belt

Upgrade Running belt

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For Trail Runners, the recommended option would be the Hydration pack that comes with a bladder/reservoir system. Hydration pack would be ideal as it provides them with sufficient capacity of water during their long trail runs and they often have adjustable straps that secure the pack to the runner body preventing unnecessary bouncing during your stride. A hydration pack can be used to store your trekking pole and it has enough space to store your personal first aid kit, rain jacket, headlamps and they often come with a whistle for safety.

We recommend: Nathan VaporAir Hydration Pack Running Vest

>> Nathan VaporAir Hydration Pack Running Vest

Having the right hydration systems can help you achieve your goals, and prevent you from losing focus during the race as you do not have to worry that you might not get enough fluid into your body to stay hydrated during the race. Therefore, there should be no compromise when you decide to select your running hydration pack system!

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