Top 5 Trail Running Essential of 2020

Singapore has seen a great increase in runners taking part in trail running events which is a refreshing change from your usual running track. Trail running provides better strength training benefits for the legs compared to road running. Trail running also challenges coordination, agility and balance more so than running on roads, especially if running on technical trails full of rocks, roots and uneven terrain.

Here’s our Top 5 Trail running essential:

  • Headlamp

While running in the trail you will find yourself running on a poorly-lit trail either early in the morning or late at night, for safety reasons, a quality headlamp is of the utmost importance.

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp:

At a low price point, the Black Diamond Spot still provides a long battery life, which varies depending on which setting your light is at. At its lowest setting, you can expect to get 180 hours of light, and at its highest setting 25 hours of light. That is massive for such a low-cost headlamp!

  • Hydration Bag

Having a hydration bag will ensure that you have water with you while running so that you do not have to be searching frantically for water when you are already madly thirsty. A light-weight hydration pack is a great way to store bottles of water as well as absolutely necessary items such as your keys, phones, first aid kit and wallet.
AONIJIE Hydration Pack Backpack 5L Marathoner Running Race Hydration Vest

AONIJIE Hydration Pack Backpack 5L Running vest:

AONIJIE Hydration Pack Backpack 5L Running vest is Ultra Lightweight hydration pack at only 250g and has a 5L backpack capacity for you to store your bottle, phone, keys, foods can easily.

The pack is waterproof and sturdy for activities such as Jogging, Running, Marathon, Hiking, Climbing, Cycling, Walking, Backpacking, etc.

  • A Good Pair of Socks

Anyone who has ever had to treat a blister in the middle of a 20km day trial run will tell you that socks are one piece of gear you can’t afford to scrimp on. That said, in an era where we’re all trying to do more with less, do you really need to spend $12 on a single pair of socks? Depending on what you plan to do in those socks, how long you intend to wear them, and how intense your activity level is – you just might. Knowing how to choose the right pair of socks for any activity can save the day, both in overall comfort and protecting your feet.

Injinji Men's Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toesocks

Injinji Men’s Trail Midweight Mini-Crew Toesocks:

The TRAIL Series is powered by Injinji’s 5 Toe Fit System and engineered for the uneven and unpredictable terrain of trail running to offer the best fit, feel and protection inside ANY shoe. With a double elastic cuff and mesh top lock to keep dirt out and hold the sock in place, you’ll be ready to take on the trail ahead.

  • Mini-Medical Kit

When you are running in the trail having some first-aid products on-hand is important. Whether you slip and fall on a rock or even getting a mosquito bite that you didn’t expect, it is always best to be prepared.

A medical kit with basic first-aid supplies such as bandages and antibiotic ointment. You will start the run feeling more secure and prepared.

Coleman All Purpose Mini First Aid Kit - 27 Pieces

Coleman All Purpose Mini First Aid Kit:

Coleman All Purpose Mini First Aid Kit is a 27-piece kit containing the most used and versatile first aid supplies. Antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and latex-free bandages are provided in a compact first aid kit made of metal tin for crush-resistant storage and protection.

  • Whistle

A whistle should always be brought in your emergency kit especially if you are trail running alone. Even if you never used it, they weight almost nothing but will come in handy when the need comes to signal for an SOS in an event of an emergency such as a sprained an ankle and needed to call for help rather than wait for someone to come along.

Fox 40 Classic Cushioned Mouth Grip Official Whistle

Fox 40 Whistle:

If you’re looking for a whistle that can be heard across the world, this is well worth the money. The rubber mouth guard makes it very comfortable and the ridges on it that your teeth sink into making it so the whistle is near impossible to fall out.

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