Top 5 Race Ready Running Shoe of 2019

How to choose your perfect running shoe?

While there is no single running shoe that is perfect for everyone, comparing the shoes cushioning, flexibility, weights and heel-to-toe drop do affect the type of running that you are doing.

Running shoes are designed to prevent injury from that repetitive motion by offering specific cushioning to aid in shock absorption, as well as design features to help move you forward with greater ease.

Over the past few months, we had the chance to purchase and try these race-ready shoes for our runs and these are our top 5  Race Ready Running shoe of 2019

Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 36

Weight: 280g (M), 264g (W)

Heel/Toe Drop: 10mm

The Pegasus series has been one of the prominent Nike Running shoe series or runners, Similar to its predecessor, the Pegasus 35, The tongue of the shoe is now shorter to minimize discomfort. A percentage of the shoe weight was reduced and modified to match the rest of the 2019 Nike series, which features an electric-green colour tone.

After running on the Pegasus 36 for a month, It feels sluggish on speed or faster runs, the upper mesh is highly breathable and cooling, but at the same time, it does cause water to sips into the shoe easily. For its price, if you are someone who combines running into a broader fitness regime, this is still worth considering, but there are better options for committed athletes.

Our Rating : ★★★☆☆

Get Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 36:

Brooks Ghost 12

Weight: 295g (M), 264g (W)

Heel/Toe Drop: 12mm

The Ghost 12 is still highly recommended for runners looking for something reliable for their run. The only noticeable improvement to the previous version is the upper is now 3D-printed providing a much better fit. It ensures that it is seamless and there there is no adhesive binding the material together, This marginally cuts down on the weight of the shoe and reduces friction on the feet.

The Ghost 12 has a premium-grade neutral-cushioned shoe, just like its predecessor, this offers high sensitivity and exceptional softness and comfort.

We ran several 10km and a 21km races on the Ghost 12 in our opinion it is a fantastic shoe to have that will meet most running styles and great for any races longer than 10km.

Our Rating : ★★★★★

Get Brooks Ghost 12:

Altra Torin 4.0 Plush

Weight: 268g (M), 240g (W)

Heel/Toe Drop: 0mm

Altra seems to have a growing reputation as a premium brand.

The Torin 4.0 Plush is a maximum cushioning shoe with a 28mm-high cushioning between your foot and the ground. The balance  cushioning on the  heel and forefoot facilitate a smooth, low-impact form on every strike

The soft-engineered knit upper feels fantastic, and the InnerFlexTM integrated midsole and outsole’s impressive versatility combination helps your foot to move naturally and secure. However, even though the Length of the shoe is perfect, the width is way too narrow; a shoe is unwearable and we suggest you get a ½ size bigger for these model.

Our Rating : ★★☆☆☆

Get Altra Torin 4.0 Plush:

Saucony Ride ISO 2

Weight: 278g (M), 249g (W)

Heel/Toe Drop: 8mm

The Saucony Ride ISO 2 is a very comfortable neutral-cushioned shoe, built more for comfort than speed; all the changes in this latest iteration were intended to make the run more enjoyable.

The upper mesh has been modified to make it more breathable as well as structurally firmer to help keep your foot in place, particularly across the toebox.

The heel was made a little more compact to enhance the rear fit; adding 2 mm of premium midsole foam from Saucony to provide a smoother feel and changing the stretchy Isofit lacing system to accommodate more runners of different foot widths.

Our Rating : ★★★☆☆

Get Saucony Ride ISO 2:

New Balance FuelCell Rebel

Weight: 207g (M), 175g (W)

Heel/Toe Drop: 6mm

New Balance conceived this sleek speedster that provides the same snug fit, responsiveness and low weight similar to the spike tracked shoe. Despite being lightweight, it still provides sufficient lateral stability and cushioning for the runners

The forefoot includes a piece of super-bouncy Fuelcell foam that is firmer and lighter. We enjoyed the responsiveness, firm feeling and the push-off. The knitted top worked superbly providing just the right amount of support. However, the low weight has resulted in some compromises. Runners have noted that there is a lack of support in the midfoot, especially at sprinting pace.

We feel that the outline of the shoe is too narrow. Overall, this is a well-designed racing shoe

Our Rating : ★★★★★

Get New Balance FuelCell Rebel:

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