5 Best Places to Run in Eastern Singapore

Hate running in the gym, Not sure where to run?

Here’s our list of the 5 Best Places to Run in Eastern Singapore.

Changi Beach Park (3.3km – 15km)
Changi Coastal park is just 3.3km long. However, if you are doing your long run, you may want to consider adding the Coastal Park Connector to the mileage.  Starting from Changi Beach Park Car Park 7 and ends at East Coast Park. This 15km park connector runs along Aviation Park Road and Tanah Merah Coast Road, alongside the future Changi Airport Runway 3 and Terminal 5.


Bedok Reservoir (4.3km)
Bedok Reservoir has several paths which are a mixture of paved and gravel, making it a nice running route. Total distance around the reservoir is about 4.3km

The park is well lit and can be used early in the morning or later in the evening. When the sun is up, it can get very warm and the rays reflecting off the water seem to add to the temperature. There are not many trees covering around the route but thankfully there are several water fountains and facilities dotted around the course.


East Coast Park (15km)
If you have probably run a marathon in Singapore then, you’ll probably be tired of running along this 15km coastal stretch. However,  many runners still would prefer running at East Coast Park as it’s a scenic and relatively flat route.


Tampines Eco Green Park (4.5km)
The only Trail running route available in the east. The park offers a marsh trail, and a forest trail, totaling to about 4.5km. These trails are mostly grass, which makes it a perfect running surface for those with knee complaints. It’s a good location for barefoot and minimalist runners to train. The Trails and distance marker are clearly marked out with the directional sign. There is even wildlife such as water hens and local birds for you to get up close and personal with.

Take nothing but photos, and leave nothing but footprints. Runners are also warned that there is no lighting at the park, making it unsuitable for night runs.


Pasir Ris Park (Up to 9km)
This 9km route which is just a few minutes walk from the Downtown East Mall is a such a gem.  Located along the shoreline Pasir Ris Park is different from most parks in Singapore as it has mangrove forest with mangrove boardwalk from where you might see fireflies in the evening, kitchen garden full of edible plants and a lookout tower for birdwatchers. Routes are relatively flat and there are plenty of toilet stops along the way.

AND Bonus One more…

Pulau Ubin (23km)

Pulau Ubin (Granite Island) is a boomerang-shaped island which is 15mins bumboat ride from Changi Point Jetty.

A frequent location for Avid trekkers, mountain bikers and trail runners to visit as the island packs many adventurous and challenging trails that involve many hills, forests while enjoying the sights and sounds of the laidback rustic life.

The routes can vary between 15 – 23km depending on which trail you choose


Have you run in the eastern part of Singapore? Where do you want us to list next? West, North, South?

Thank You for reading. More to come!

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