Singapore, 3 November 2013 – You wrote the rules, you made your race. This morning, Nike We Run 2013 saw approximately 18,000 runners choose between various paths along the 10km stretch to create their own unforgettable running experience in the most interactive and unique run of the year.


Encouraging runners to make it “Our Race. Our Rules”, this year’s Nike We Run SG saw some 13,000 suggestions submitted during registration. Sieving through thousands of rules, Nike took into consideration the most popular suggestions and made them reality at various points along the route.


“We have listened to our runners. That is why this year’s race theme is built around them and the personal choices that they make. It allows our runners to exercise their freedom and individualism to create a race that is uniquely theirs,“ said Alvin Soo, Country Marketing Manager. ‘”This is their race based on their rules. It is not simply about the finishing point, but the experience in getting there,”


Runners were given a choice to “Follow the pack” or “Go off the beaten path” at the first split point of the race. Most runners challenged themselves from the start by taking the “off-beaten track”, sloughing through grassy undulating paths. Others chose to follow the pack by running on the paved road, with both groups coming together at the end of the 4km mark for their second choice.


The second opportunity for choice allowed runners to “Rule the City” or “Own the Park”.

  • “City” runners pounded the tarmac along the urban landscape to upbeat music blaring from ’pimped-up’.
  • “Park” runners, on the other hand, enjoyed the serenity of nature with calming music and rhythmic drumming as they paced along the river.

The final choice had runners deciding between “Dance to the Finish” or “Rock your run”, where they could choose to finish the race to the tune of their favourite beats.

  • “Dance to the Finish” featured a route that was filled with dance music, an option that attracted seasoned “Mambo Jambo” fans.
  • “Finish like a Rock Star” was truly explosive, with runners ending their 10km run with live music from

At the finish line, runners were welcomed with greetings from American Track and Field Sprint Athlete Allyson Felix, and a surprise option to go beyond their limit. The 4-time Olympic gold medalist encouraged runners to defy their initial boundaries and go further by running an additional 1.5km after the finish line. The undaunted few who chose to “break their limit” were further rewarded with the chance to interact with Allyson Felix.


“Running is as much about the journey as it is about the finish. We Run Singapore takes the running journey to a different level and makes it completely personal to the runner,” said Felix.


Nike We Run SG is part of Nike’s global We Run series. Aimed at celebrating, motivating, and inspiring athletes around the world, more than 350,000 runners will have taken over 3 billion strides in We Run races in 26 cities by the end of 2013, motivated by Nike+ and Nike Running design innovations.

Nike’s We Run races range in distance from 5K to the full marathon, and capture the unique enthusiasm of each city. From Sao Paolo to Seoul to Singapore, each city will be moved to action through a series of unique experiences for runners. Tailored to each individual city, the We Run races will build on the aesthetic of each landscape through an interactive run course.

Cheers! (:

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