Reebok Crossfit Delta One Cushion Running Shoe Bootcamp

We will like to thank Reebok Singapore for inviting us to the Media Crossfit Bootcamp that was conducted by Crossfit Fire City Singapore as part of the shoe trial for the newly release Reebok Cushion One Delta series.


Reebok has been associated with fitness for awhile now and what better way to launch their latest collection by putting to the test. The bootcamp was held at Crossfit Fire City boxx (Crossfit Gym) and the session was conducted by the boxx head coach, Coach Sam.


The session begin with a simple introduction on Crossfit and he gave us a peek on what to expect when running with the new Reebok Cushion One. We got to know the other participants and then we proceed on with a simple mobility warm up exercise to prepare our body for the running session that will be taking place later. Using PVC pipes and body-weight stretches Coach guide us through the simple mobility stretches warm up, this is to open up the muscles and this can help prevent injuries from overstretching when doing a workout.


We were taught how to perform an AIR SQUATS which is basically just squatting without weights. Coach went through the form and expectation on how to perform the AIR SQUATS to prevent us from getting injured when perform at high intensity, Squats are functional fundamental movements which is heavily practice and perfected by crossfitter as this will be the basis of all advance movement such as back squats, front squats and overhead squats.


We head outside to begin the running clinic but with we need to warm up with a run. We were led to run around the compound which was about 400m, this instantly provide us with the first hand experience in running in the The Reebok Cushion One. As we ran Coach Sam took a video of our running form which he will use later to use analyze our running form and technique.


We gathered at the parking lot next to the boxx where Coach Sam run through with us the different component/ sections of the Reebok One Cushion Shoe. He explain the 3 section each with different material and density will assist a runner learn the right way to run more efficiently.


Coach Sam proceeded in conducting the skills required for us to improve our running form, from the switching of the foot, moving our shoulders and the foot landing and take off form. He gave feedback on how we are currently running and how we could make use of the Reebok Delta Cushion One shoe to help us get there. The captured video of us running makes it easier to spot and identify our current running form and weaknesses.


There were try and error, getting use to the new way of running but after a few trials running around the area and getting familiar with the new running form/ technique thought. It was time to put what we have learn into action.

Coach Sam reveal the WOD (Workout of the Day) for us. Workout of the day is a like a challenge where participant give their best to complete a series of workout. The wOD for that day was 3 rounds of 200m Sprint and 30 Air squats.


Eventhough the WOD was tough everyone gave their best and cheered on for everyone till the last person finished the WOD. Overall the session was well organized and it gave a lot of insight and at the same time provide a good opportunity to not only experience the Reebok One Cushion but at the same time provide us with a first hand experience to crossfit.


Look out for the full Reebok Cushion One Review at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, if you wish to try out crossfit at Crossfit Fire City click here

The Reebok One Series Collection comes in both men’s and ladies’ styles and is available at Stadium and selected Royal Sporting House stores from July 2013 at $169.

Cheers! (:

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