Press Release: Polar Adds Altitude to Polar RC3 GPS

Polar, the market leader and pioneer in heart rate training technology, is today adding altitude information to the Polar RC3 GPS.


The RC3 GPS, launched in the summer of 2012, offers sports and fitness enthusiasts an allin-one training device with the latest GPS technology built in. The RC3 GPS weighs only 58g and has a side profile of less than 14mm, yet still allows users to train for up to 12 hours in  full GPS mode without the need to recharge.

The altitude feature has been requested from customers since the launch, and now Polar has updated the RC3 GPS to show altitude information during and after training on the device itself. Users can also see this information when analysing their training in detail in Polar’s free online training tool, located at The black RC3 GPS with altitude will go on sale in March and the Red and Orange edition will go on sale in April. Both versions will be available at the same price as the original product, with prices starting from S$399.


The stunning Red and Orange edition of the product is also a new addition. Both the black as well as the new colour version of the product features a supersized digital display screen
with characters displayed in sharp contrast.  The new edition, just like the original RC3 GPS, combine the very latest GPS technology with ‘Smart Coaching’ – unique training guidance and features developed by Polar over the last 35 years. The device contains a wide range of easy-to-use heart rate based features including ‘Sports Profile’, where users preselect a sport and can monitor intensity specific to the demands of that discipline, and ‘Training Benefit’, where instant intuitive feedback is given straight after exercise.


Runners and cyclists will benefit from the personal Endurance training programs found at These running and cycling programs are based on the user’s training history and will also be updated automatically to ensure progress. By downloading the training plan to the RC3 GPS, the user will get clear guidance for warm-up, work and cool-down phases. Hundreds of thousands of Polar users have already improved their per

formance by following these free programs.


The RC3 GPS also includes the ‘Back to Start’ GPS feature that directs users back to their  starting point in the shortest distance possible. RC3 GPS users can now check out the more adventurous routes and explore them knowing that at the touch of a button they can be directed back to their starting place. Or for those who run in the urban jungle or want to explore new routes, ‘Back to Start’ means that they can get safely back to where they started, even in unfamiliar environments


Product information:
The RC3 GPS is available in three different sets:
1. RC3 GPS retails at S$399 includes:
– RC3 GPS Training Device & USB Cable

2. RC3 GPS HR retails at S$479 includes:
– RC3 GPS Training Device, USB Cable & H3 Heart Rate Sensor

3. RC3 GPS Bike (retails at S$539) includes:
– RC3 GPS Training Device, USB Cable, H3 Heart Rate Sensor & CS Cadence sensor™ W.I.N.D

Technical specification
SiRFstar IV GPS technology

Battery Life
In continuous use when recording a training session with the GPS function ON: up to 12 hours
In continuous use when recording a training session with the GPS function OFF: up to 1,700 hours

When you train on average 1h/day, 7 days/week:
• with the GPS function ON: up to 11 days
• with the GPS function OFF: up to 120 days

Weight: 58grams
Depth: 1,37cm (measured on the center of the product)
Width: 4,62cm (including the buttons)

Cheers! (:

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