Press Release: New Balance Launches Limited Edition 890v3 Collection

New Balance announced today that they will launch a limited edition global running city collection dedicated to three of the most popular running cities inthe world. The collection features the 890v3 as the canvas to celebrate the unique running spirit of Tokyo, London and Boston. The New Balance 890 series is recognized as a global favorite, proving that one model can meet the needs of runners regardless of language or location.


Limited Edition Boston 890v3

The Limited Edition Boston 890v3 design draws its inspiration from the rich history and famous tales that are so much a part of the city of Boston. One of the most famous of these tales is the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere to warn the Colonial Militia of the approaching British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord.


This April runners in Boston can retrace these famous steps from 1775 on the 2.5 mile freedom trail that highlights significant events and landmarks in the city including Paul Revere’s house, Bunker Hill Monument, Old North Church and many others. Because of this fierce ride by Paul Revere in the middle of the night the Limited Edition 890v3 is a dark midnight blue with special glowin-the-dark stars on the midsole. Details bring The Freedom Trail to life including the lantern that Paul Revere used to guide his horse and the map highlighting his daring route. Runners can enjoy this glow-in-the-dark shoe while traveling back in time to this remarkable night in Boston that helped shape American history.

Limited Edition London 890v3

The Limited Edition London 890v3 features a posh, sophisticated gray, lavender and dark

purple plaid motif to celebrate the famous Savile row in London. The shoe pays tribute to runners who have run down this street, commonly referred to as “the golden mile of tailoring.”


The London 890v3 celebrates these skilled artisans of Savile Row together with runner’s who master their own craft pounding the pavement in a unique fashion forward design. The London 890v3 preserves the super lightweight REVlite cushioned ride that global runners value in the 890 running shoe series.

Limited Edition Tokyo 890v3


The Limited Edition Tokyo 890v3 was designed in honor of one of Japan’s most treasured symbols, the good luck crane, and pays tribute to runners from this fastpaced city by highlighting the crane’s symbolism of longevity and good fortune.


The Tokyo 890v3 features a reflective crane on the heel and bold, eye-catching mint green designs with hot pink accents. The Tokyo 890v3 preserves the super

Lightweight REVlite cushioned ride that global runners value in the 890 running shoe series.

The New Balance 890v3 is retail price of $185.00 and is available in Singapore at limited quantity at all New Balance Concept Store from May 2013

Cheers! (:

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