Press Release: Wave EVO Cursoris

Unique Wave Technology designed for mid/forefoot strike runners

Over the last few years, there has been extensive research and testing carried out on running styles. There is speculation on whether there is an ‘optimum style’ in order to minimise injury risk and maximise efficiency.


Until recently, running shoes have been evolving to provide cushioning and support. However due to recent research, trends are now taking a different direction, where the feet and body are allowed to work more naturally.

With this increasing popularity of mid/forefoot running, Mizuno is set to launch an innovative masterpiece – the Wave EVO Cursoris.


The Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris, set to drop at the beginning of 2013, marks Mizuno’s foray into the minimalist market.  the Wave EVO Cursoris allows the foot to function more naturally, whilst still providing technologies in the shoe to help the runner and improve their midfoot running, particularly when they are first attempting a midfoot strike.

Mizuno Aamends18,7,12 138373.jpg

Mid/forefoot striking is best achieved either with bare feet, or shoes with a flat midsole, allowing natural movement of the body and foot. The Wave EVO Cursoris accommodates this with a zero drop midsole ramp from heel to toe. The midsole is 12mm ap+ cushioning foam, for moderate  protection, and has deep multi directional flex grooves  allowing for a more natural gait.

 Mizuno’s unique EVO Wave technology is cleverly positioned in the mid-forefoot to provide a responsive cushioning and stability to aid the ride experience.
Mizuno6.12 135856.jpg
Flat, light and flexible; the Wave EVO Cursoris is constructed with a wide forefoot to allow the toes to spread which helps naturally stabilise the body, while the midfoot offers a snug secure fit.
Weighing at 205g for Male Version and 175g for Female Version of the shoe, the Wave EVO Cursoris is an ideal shoe for runners transitioning to mid/forefoot running efficiency
Set to be launch in Singapore in the first quater of 2013 at all World of Sports and Mizuno Concept Store.
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