Press Release: Cold Storage Kids Run 2013

The Cold Storage Kids Run is back for the 6th year and it will be happening on 19 May 2013.

More than 15,000 kids & parents come down to have fun and bond with their families on this day at the Padang.


Event Details

–          Event Date: 19 May 2013, Sunday @ The Padang

–          Registration period: Mid March

–          Race pack collection date: 4 & 5 May 2013, Saturday & Sunday @ F1 Pit Building


Official website:

Cheers! (:

One thought on “Press Release: Cold Storage Kids Run 2013

  1. For the COLD STORAGE KIDS RUN, NEVER mix up your running chips especially if you have more than 1 child! It happened to us last year though we don’t know for sure if it was us or the organisers. My 7 year old daughter came in 2nd in the 800m race with a sub 3 minutes timing, which was never achieved in prior years since the race started, but her name wasn’t shown at the top of the list, didn’t get a trophy or other prizes except for a certificate from the organisers after I contacted them repeatedly. Organisers would not entertain you AFTER the race. I had a hard time contacting them and they wouldn’t call me back even after I left many messages and talking to their staff. I finally managed to get their trophies’ supplier and made a similar 2nd place trophy for my daughter because the organisers just agreed to give her a certificate. I gave many suggestions to the organisers (by phone and email) on how to prevent a similar occurrence next time and they noted them. My suggestions include having different coloured chips for different categories (this was my 7 year old daughter’s idea) and having a machine at the Padang for competitors to check their chips. The organisers said that they used this machine before and after packing the race chips to check whether they were correctly packed. Well let’s see whether they’ll implement them this year. As my daughter’s case wasn’t the 1st time it happened since the past 5 races, they should have thought about all these. Anyway it wasn’t a problem then as the other runners were not among the top winners. Good luck to all competitors and do take care of your running chips and to inform your friends about this.

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