What to wear when running? (Part 1)

It’s quiet a silly yet simple and common question ask by runners when they decided to pick up running. Some would say, just an old cotton tee and shorts is good enough but is it? Modern running clothing has come on leaps and bounds since the days of cotton t-shit, intelligent fabrics can help runners stay cool when running on hot weather climate such as in Singapore.

Dressing for Warm Weather running

When Running in warm weather like in Singapore where it is either scorching hot or raining wearing the right clothing can help you stay cool and comfortable as you run. You will need less clothing maybe a running vest or sleeveless tee rather than a T-Shirt, Best and fun way to get some is to sign up for a running event where the normally would provide event tee which you can reuse over and over again for training, Do also remember to put on your sunblock on expose area of your skin to protect them from harmful UV rays if you are going to spend a long time outdoors.


Mok YiRen & Jason Lawrence

Type of Fabric

The Fabric your clothes are made from can also affect your comfort. Cotton has the advantage of being less costly and quick to soak up sweat as you run however it will retain the moisture making the clothes heavy and wet during exercise. Cotton shirt are often rough, uneven stitching which will cause chafing and in some extreme cases bleeding.

Nipple Chafing and abrasion

Nipple Chafing and abrasion

(If you experience Chafing read up on our review on the 3B Action Cream for chafing here)

BUT if you still are going to wear cotton, you may want to opt for lightweight cotton as it’s less chafe less as compared to heavyweight material

Reebok CrossFit Tri Blend T-Shirt

Reebok CrossFit Tri Blend T-Shirt

Wicking fabrics are an alternative to cotton. These are man-made materials that is engineered to draw sweat away from the skin to the outer surface so that it can easily evaporate. This means that clothing stay light and feel dry throughout the exercise. Companies that specialize in running attire will also include other design features for the comfort of the runner, such as mesh inserts for ventilation.



‘Specialize gamins’ are likely to cost more so its up to you to decide whether the extra comfort is worth the expenses.

QUESTION: What do you normally wear for running?

DO look out for part 2 on what to wear in cold weather tomorrow.

Enjoy the Run and Keep Running

Cheers! (:

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