Review: Adidas miCoach SPEED_CELL

“We finally were able to review in detail the miCoach SPEED_CELL, check out our previous SPEED_CELL Review here

Adidas had recently introduced a new member into the miCoach family that promises to give athletes and novices alike some added motivation to exercise even more than usual.


An upgrade to the previous miCoach stride sensor, the miCoach SPEED_CELL can measures the average speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance, steps and stride rates of the user at any given time. Average speeds and maximum speeds are recorded every second and every five seconds respectively while distance is also tracked at high intensity levels. The SPEED_CELL can easily stores up to 7 hours of information therefore there isn’t need to sync it up too frequently.

However with the SPEED_CELL you do not get coaching instructions unless you use it with the previous miCoach pacer system along with the heart rate monitor or the Iphone App, then what you have with you is your own personal trainer that track your distance and hear rate as you train.


The SPEED_CELL is compactible with iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th Generations) and iPhone (4, 3GS, 3G) as it comes with miCoach CONNECT that can be plug into the connector. miCoach app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and once you are sync it will turn your phone into a fitness handheld buddy that tracks your speed, distance. elevation, time and using it with the miCoach Heart Rate monitor, it can give you live feedback on your current heart rate. When use with the iPhone, miCoach can even track your running route using the built in GPS in your phone.


You can set workout and the miCoach will guide you through the workout, prompting you to go faster or slower base on your preset fitness zone. The miCoach app is not just for running or soccer, the app also have weight trainings,  cycling workout, speed drills and other stuff such as minimalist transition drills. The transition drills are a set of workout that had been preset and schedule and graphics on how to do the workout is provided for user to follow and this will prepare the runner to be more efficient in training barefoot.  Workout routine can last as long as 6 months for marathon training or as short as 3 months if you are doing the weight training routine workout. Everything is calculated and is schedule for you.


Unfortunately, there is no CONNECT or another similar device that is compatible with Android at the moment and some of the functions available for iPod Touch/ iPhone get lost. However you still can download and use miCoach Training app in your Android mobile with your GPS and track your route. And you can even combine your Pacer with the Android Training App if you wish to do so. However there is still no way at this moment to do a heart-rate based training with the Android phone.  In the other hand, there are two different CONNECT for SPEED_CELL, one is only for iPhone/iPod, but there is another one that is a USB CONNECT that you can use in your computer and sync the data there.



Personally I feel that the audible coaching the best as it read off your mile times, total distance, pace, total calorie burn and heart rate. It’s easy to upload your workout to (sync with one button in the app). Once uploaded, you can view a map of your workout track, review splits, speed and elevation change graphs from


Overall, the Adidas miCoach SPEED_CELL, miCoach App, the Heart Rate monitor and with the use of the website are an excellent tool that will help you train and accurately track your workout regardless of the discipline whether it’s soccer, marathon running, cycling, basketball, tennis, rugby etc. and will make you train more efficiently to reach your desired goal and improve your game.

Cheers! (:

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