Best way to extend the life of running shoes

Running shoes generally don’t last more than 800km. Expert recommends that you replace your running shoes every 450 to 800km, which is roughly about five to eight months if you’re running about 25km a week. This would also depends on the runner weight as If you are heavier than average than it will last even shorter.


On top of that if you are a high mileage/ long distance runner the lifespan would be even shorter, as a result, serious runner can end up spending quiet a sum of money on shoes over their lifetime and substituting for cheap running shoes will compromise on support or functionality as they are not as wide as quality engineered running shoes and does not provide greater foot arch support that may cause injuries and foot pain.

The following are recommendations that will help to extend the life of your running shoes :

Store your shoes in a cool, dry place

Avoid heat and moisture. Storing the shoe at a hot heated area will cause crack to form and the storing at a moisture area will cause the matrix that makes up the sole to compress.

Air Them Out

Whether your shoes are wet from the sweat or rain, don’t store them in a dark closet or leave them in your gym bag. Firstly, it is unhygienic and secondly bacteria will start to grow causing the shoe to start to deteriorate and smell. Air them out once you are done with them.


Alternate Between Two Pairs

If you are a serious running clocking high mileages each week, alternating between two different pairs allows them to fully dry out between runs. Reserve one pair for dirtier runs (dirt roads) and one pair for cleaner runs (treadmill). Having alternate between shoes is good as running compress the sole, when the shoe is wet the it needs time to air out and return to it’s original form. Giving it the proper amount of time to recover is paramount to keeping your shoes in good shape. Tips: if you like a particular model shoe, get 2 different color-way of the same model.

Avoid getting you shoes wet

Running shoes are made for running, not for playing in the puddles, unless it’s a trail running shoe. However, if you’re running rain or shine, chances are that they are going to get wet sometimes or they’ve been worn so much that it requires washing. If this happen, do take great care of them when drying them.


Remove the insole and laces and hang out the shoes upside down to air dry. Do not leave them in direct sunlight and do not dry them in the dryer. Dry your insole the same way. Direct heat can be damaging to leather increasing the vulnerability of the shoe to crack and making the structure of the sole more likely to break down.


Buy Shoes Based on Terrain
If you run on uneven, wet trails, tracks, pavement or road. Purchase shoes specifically designed for the surface you usually run on and they’ll last a lot longer. Get a trail running shoe if you are running on trail, get a racer for short to mid-distance run and trainers if you running long distances.

New Balance Minimus MT10

New Balance Minimus MT10

Undo your shoes when taking them off

Make it a habit to undo your laces immediately after you reach home after your run as slipping shoes off and putting them back on without loosening the laces andwithout untying the laces can stretch out the shoe leading it to stretch and create a poorer fit that leads to less functionality and affecting the snug fit, causing you to need a new pair earlier than expected.

(NIKE) RED laces

(NIKE) RED laces

The main keys are to avoid getting them wet, avoid exposing then to direct dry heat, and giving them adequate time to air out between runs.  Shoes are your companions in running, with a little bit of effort put in they will be there for you for longer time and at the same time saves you money.

Enjoy the Run

Cheers! (:

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