Pre-Running Nutrition Tips – Speed Fuel

Pre-Run Fuel
So, You have chosen your Running Workout Programme, now you need the fuel to power you through it… Here’s are some recommendations.

60 Minutes before you Run Eat...

Muesli / Granola Bar, Yogurt and a Banana
This mix is rich in fibre, protein and carbs, so you will get slow-release energy for as long as your legs are willing to carry you.
Note: I like Quaker’s Cookies and Cream Muesli bar best.

20 Minutes before you Run Eat…

Oats and Honey
Honey is complex sugar that gives long-lasting energy, while the oats give you slow-release energy for the latter parts of your pavement odyssey.

Note: Sometime I just take the 3 in 1 instant oat cereal with honey

5 Minutes before you Run Eat…


Handful of Jelly Beans (;
The sugar in these get metabolized almost straight away, so they’ll give you an instant energy hit to give you some extra boost.
Note: Too much (excessive) might cause “Sugar Rush”

Good Luck. Cheers (:

References: Men’s Health UK Jan/Feb 08 & Books

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