Intervals Training

Intervals training is broadly defined as a repetition of high-speed or high intensity work followed by the period of the actual intervals of rest or low activity

Not sure what Interval Trainings are?

Interval Training is the one of the most important key to running faster. Running long distance alone does not develop the explosive energy system to consistently improve your speed.

There are many types of interval training . The type of interval training that is best for you depends on the distance of the race you are running

Types of Intervals Training


Intervals can be divided into 2 main category; shorter and faster; longer and less intense

Shorter, high Intensity Intervals

Use in preparing runners for faster ans shorter races such as the 5km, 10km an for helping to add some leg speed into your marathon training, These intervals could be anywhere from 60 seconds to 3 minutes and usually done at a oace considerably than race pace and at a heart rate that is around 85%-80% maximum. Moretime is needed to recover between reps. The faster you run, the more recovery time you will need


  • 20 sets  x 30sec + 100m recovery walk
  • 6 sets x 30 sec + 60sec recovery
  • 5 sets : 30sec, 60sec, 90sec, 60sec, 30sec with 2mins recovery in between

Long and intensive

Short distance of 3 to 5km repeatative runs. Long intervals runs are usially use to prepare for distance such as a marathon or the half marathon. This Intervals are done at slighly faster than race pace and usually need a recovery time of one to two minutes in between each sets.


  • 4-6 sets of 1.5km with 60sec recovery in between sets
  • 3 sets of 8mins run with 2mins recovery in between sets
  • 6mins run + 5 sets of 3mins run with 60sec recovery in between sets

[Photo :Michael Lokner]

[Photo :Michael Lokner]

Benefit of Intervals Training

  • Improve the body’s ability to utilize oxygen
  • Shorter time, they are fast and it can get you the same if not better benefit that a 1-hour run at about 65% of your maximum effort
  • Improve fat-burning ability as it exhaust your muscles carbohydrate reserves (Glycogen), Within hours after the workout the body will use the fats stored in your body to convert them to glycogen that will be use to replace the depleted glycogen use during the workout
  • Improve the efficiency of the heart as it prepares you for sudden bust of intense activity or stress that runner experience
  • Versatile and can be done almost anywhere

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