What to look for in a Sports Watch

Here are some key feature consideration to look for when choosing a sports watch to help you get the most out of your training and in preparing you for your next marathon.

Watch consideration

Watch key consideration


When choosing a watch look for something that is comfortable on the wrist, ideally with vented strap to allow sweat to disperse. The watch screen should be easily readable and visible when running and button easy to work when on the move. Having a watch with a good light will benefit especially on those morning or evening run where there is not much light.


This should be the basic in most sport watch. It is the simple stopwatch function that helps you track your time .

Lap Timing

This function is usually available within the chronograph setting of the watch, It will allow you to split the timing readings as you run through a session , this function should also allow you to see the overall time and the current lap you are on which can be very useful when you are doing interval training by distance or when racing. This function is also useful when you want to record and judge your pace over set distances or effort. High-end sport watches often have memory capacity to store for up to 200 lap times, however we feel that 50 should suit the needs of most runners.

Interval Settings

This is a Key function for getting the most out of your watch. It counts down a set time-span or in some high end watches a set pattern of time spans and beeps to let you know that the interval has been completed. – Some watches referred this function as a countdown timer

Data memory

This function has become a norm for all sport watches, it allows you recording of all the lap and other data from your training session so that you could revisit and analyse it later when you are done with the training.


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