Running Shoe Category

There are many different type of running shoe in the market today and it gets confusing with all the different categories the shoes are divided into.

Here’s 7 main categories of the modern running shoes.


These are for runners who are neutral or under-pronate. Some shoes may also be suitable for mild over-pronators. Under pronators should look for a pair of well-cushioned neutral shoes.

Asics Gel Kinsei 4

Asics Gel Kinsei 4


These have the same kind of cushioning technologies of a neutral running shoe, but they have the additional feature of providing extra support and guidance to reduce over-pronation.

Brooks Ravenna 3

Brooks Ravenna 3

Motion Control

People who over-pronate more severely and heavier runners who over pronate can choose these shoes, which provide support and guidance

Saucony Stabil CS 2

Saucony Stabil CS 2


For use in fast training or racing, these offer less protection than regular training shoes, they are either neutral or supportive.

New Balance 890v2  "British Miler"

New Balance 890v2 “British Miler”


Made for racing or very fast training (speed work and intervals). These shoes are very light but offer limited protection and some offer support for over-pronation

Adidas adizero Adios 2

Adidas adizero Adios 2


These shoes were designed to mimic how the foot functions barefoot. Generally, running barefoot will cause a runner to land with a flatter foot. They are lightweight and have a flexible upper and sole. They have less or no cushioning material in the mid-sole and  have a heel to toe drop of under 10 mm.

  • Barefoot-style shoe. The most minimal in structure with zero cushioning, a zero heel to toe drop and have the very thin sole.
Vibram Five-Fingers Bikila

Vibram Five-Fingers Bikila

  • Minimalist shoe. These shoes provide some cushioning in the midsole, small or no heel drop and have a  wide forefoot allowing the toes to be splayed.
New Balance Minimus MT10

New Balance Minimus MT10

  • Transition shoe. These are most similar to traditional running shoes but are lighter, more flexible and have a lower heel drop.
Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0

Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0

Trail Running

Trail shoes are designed to offer better traction and stability than road shoes due to the type of terrain it will be use for. This shoes have minimal pronation control and cushioning, Durable outsoles usually with lug patterns with Low profiles and Protective uppers made from Quick-drying materials and are often water-resistant

Salomon XR Mission

Salomon XR Mission

Cheers! (:

One thought on “Running Shoe Category

  1. Nice article. I planed to start running within HDB neighborhood. I am focusing on ASICS Kayano 18,I am also very interested in Vibram fivefingers and NB MT20V2. Which one do you think is better?

    I see a lot of trail running shoes & bare foot running shoes are well designed. Are they suitable for road running in Singapore?


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