Why are you doing a marathon?

Every year, the number of marathon races and people taking part in marathons increases. According to official statistics from Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore website, the number of finisher in 2011 Marathon Singapore was 13,000 which is a big turnover  from about 2,000 or so who completed the Marathon SIngapore  in 2000.

Back then, there were very few marathons around the world, today there’s a marathons in almost every major city and many other special marathon such as the Night Marathon, Trail Marathon, Desert Marathon and even Arctic Marathon. Some of these challenges the realms of human physiology to the extreme, it’s hard enough running the 42.125km without having to do it in the blazing desert sun and sub-zero temperatures.


Before you sign up for a marathon you have to ask yourself the reason why you signing up for it. You’ll probably be asking yourself why you have entered to take part. For some reason, the marathon has appealed to you to sign up for one. Reasons could be that you might want to experience the challenge and push your body to the limits; you might be wanting to emulate a friend who took part in one last year or you might be one of the thousands of people running for charity to raise funds for someone you know.

Whatever the reasons maybe, you need to understand the fundamental of:

  • What running a marathon is and isn’t?
  •  What a marathon can do for you?
  • What it cost you in terms of money and time and how it affects those around you?
  • What goals you will be setting for yourself from now till you reach the starting line?


A marathon is not a stroll around the park, it is not even a long run. A marathon os 42.125km of continual effort that will sap your body energy and leave you exhausted at the finishing line.

Cheers! (:

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