What a Marathon Isn’t

A marathon is not a stroll around the park, it is not even a long run. A marathon os 42.125km of continual effort that will sap your body energy and leave you exhausted at the finishing line. But a marathon is something exhilarating experience, something that you can share with thousands of people. There aren’t mant sports in which you can start at the starting line with Olympic champion, Local champions and even world record holder,  Marathon Running is not exclusive.


When you stand on the start line, you could be doing so along world record holder such as Britain’s Paula Radcliffe, Ethiopian distance runner legend Haile Gerbreslassie or local Singapore Champion Mok Yi Ren. But at the end of the day, no matter hoe many people there are around you, the only person that can run the marathon is you. You are responsible for making sure that you have trained and prepare well to overcome the 42.125km distance and finish the race safety without injuries.



Cheers! (:


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