SAFRA Timberland 40,000m Challenge for Rainbow Center Charity

8 September 2012,  Timberland Watches together with SAFRA Yishun Adventure Club organize the first ever  ‘40,000m Challenge’ that aims to raise money for the Rainbow Centre charity. For every 4 metres climbed that day, Timberland Watches donated $1 to charity.

Many turn up for the event in their climbing gear, whether they are a seasonal climber or someone who just started climbing or even someone never climb before,  The SAFRA Timberland 40,000m Challenge is a good opportunity for them to climb and raise fund charity at the same time. Just for that day the entry fees had been furher discounts to $4 for SAFRA member and $8.00 for non member.

The event started at 1pm, Participant had a chance to attend a free basic climbing clinic before the commence of the challenge which took place after it. Some participant took on the cliff hanger challenge where they get to experience the high elements on the canopy walk brings the participant through the trees

There was no limit on how high the participant can climb or how many times they climb, for every four metres climbed they will raise an extra dollar for the Rainbow Centre.

For the top five male and female participating climbers, they had chance to win one of 10 exclusive Timberland Watches.

The event end at around 4.30pm, raising a total of $15,000 for the Rainbow Centre

Cheers! (:

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