Exclusive: Coca-Cola & McDonalds Launch of the Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympic Games Glasses

In conjunction with the upcoming London Olympics 2012, McDonalds and Coca-Cola invited us for the local official launch of  ‘Coca-Cola’ London 2012 Olympic games collectable glasses. The glasses come in 6 different colors and each is embossed with the official London 2012 Olympic games sport Pictogram. The 6 colors are Pink, Green, Blue, Aqua, Charcoal and purple and each glass have it’s own unique Sport pictogram embossed on them which are Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Football and cycling.


McDonald’s have been working with the Olympic Movement since 1968 when the company airlifted hamburgers to U.S. athletes competing in Grenoble, France. They became an Official Sponsor of the 1976 Olympic games in Montreal.


McDonalds have been looking at sports as a reflective of their own values: universality, accessibility and team spirit. In the past McDonalds have sponsors local sporting events such as the New Paper Big Walk, and the annual Olympic Day Runs as sports brings people in a community together for healthy and joyful activity.


The Coca-Cola Company shares the Olympic Values, which embody the discovery of one’s abilities, the spirit of competition, the pursuit of excellence, a sense of fair play and the building of a better and more peaceful world. Coca‑Cola also shares the Olympic Movement’s vision of connecting people with sport, and is committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles and increasing participation in sport at every level. Thus they had been Olympic official since The Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Game

The Launch gave us a chance to meet Singapore’s homegrown Olympians Dayyan Jaffar who is Singaporean archer who participated and won a Bronze medal at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in his home city. A quiet and shy person, he shared a little bit about himself and his passion for archery. He shot his first arrow at 9 years old and has never looked back ever since. His father recognized his potential early on and began training him up. He always jumped headfirst into inter-school competitions and pesta sukans and often took home medals.

He has been training real hard for London 2012 where he will represent and hopefully bring home a medal for Singapore.

Coca-Cola had chosen Dayyan to be a part of the Move to the Beat™ campaign that fuses Olympic sport with music.

Dayyan was given a chance to work with Grammy award-winning music producer Mark Ronson who travelled the world, capturing the sounds of five different Olympic sports and blending them into one song that brings the spirit of London 2012 to life.

In their quest to fuse sport and music, Coca‑Cola and Mark Ronson visited five young Olympic hopefuls in their hometowns and worked closely with them to record the distinct sounds of their five Olympic sports in action which this included noises as diverse as an archery arrow flying through the air and piercing the target, a hurdler’s rhythmic footsteps, the pulsing heartbeat of a sprinter and the grunts of a table tennis player as he hits the ball. Each of the five athletes was chosen because they embody the values of positivity and optimism that are at the heart of Coca‑Cola and the Olympic movement.

Watch the video here.

We wish Dayyan best of luck with the Olympic games and we will like to thank Coca-Cola and McDonalds along with Omy.sg for the opportunity.

Cheers! (:

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