Review: Oakley RadarLock with SwitchLock Technology Sports Sunglasses

Whether you’re running or cycling, it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun. Often, we all apply sunscreen to protect our skin and to prevent from sun damage, but often neglect to protect our eyes. A Runner would spend more time outdoors for training or long runs than most people and studies have shown that exposure to bright sunlight may increase the risk of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and growths on the eye which may including cancer.

The natural reaction of the eye when exposed to direct or reflective light is to squint, as it tries to block out the glare, which is can get uncomfortable at times. Squinting does not only causes eye fatigue but also encourages the development of unsightly facial fine lines and wrinkles.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), even on an overcast day, harmful UV rays can cause sunburn of both the skin and the cornea of the eye. Over time, unprotected exposure to the sun can increase the possible risk of certain types of cataracts and potentially damage the retina, which could lead to total blindness. One should take note that UV damage is cumulative; therefore it’s never too late to begin protecting the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Recently, we had received a pair of Oakley RadarLock sports sunglasses from Oakley Singapore to test and review. The RadarLock is predecessor of the ever-popular Oakley Radar glasses, which are shaped to suit any face shape, and contain up-to-date and effective UV protective technology in the lenses that mean they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and repel water, oil and debris. They are built to allow air to flow through them, and have an interchangeable nosepiece for comfort. The Oakley RadarLock is a redesigned of the Radar with a hinge mechanism that easily releases its interchangeable lens in seconds called the SwitchLock.

SwitchLock is the new hinge technology, which is activated with a small switch on the inside of the left temple, Switchlock enable swapping lenses easily and with much less force than with the standard Radar. Simply open the hinge and pop the lens out of the nosepiece, and the rest comes free easily. The whole process is even easier to perform than to describe.

Engineered to meet the uncompromising demands of world-class athletes, RadarLock changes the game with a new definition of performance. RadarLock™ lets athletes take full advantage of Oakley’s wide array of performance lenses, thanks to an ingenious invention called Switchlock™ Technology. Switchlock makes lens changing fast and hassle-free, enabling you to adapt to Mother Nature’s every whim. (, 2012)

Oakley’s Oscar Pistorius

The Oakley RadarLock comes with Two different lens shapes let you choose the amount of lens coverage – The RadarLock Pitch and RadarLock Path. Lens with venting for a cooling flow of air is also available. Whatever the choice, the semi-rimless design will ensures that there’s no frame rim to block the downward view.

RadarLock comes in an Oakley Soft Vault case that lets you store an extra lens, and each frame comes with two iridium-coating lenses; one for bright days and one for low-light conditions; that darken automatically in response to sunlight.

Oakley RadarLock Path and Pitch will be made available in Singapore from 1st July 2012 onwards at all Authorized Oakley dealer optometry.

In conjunction with the launch and Oakley’s BEYOND REASON campaign, A limited edition Oakley hand bottle, which is ideal for runners and jogger will be given out free with every purchase of Oakley Sports Sunglasses in the month of July.

Stock are limited so head over to your nearest Oakley Authorize dealer and get a pair of Oakley Sports Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays – it’s never too late to begin protecting the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Cheers! (:

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