Review: Adidas Adipure Adapt Minimalist Footwear

adidas launch the adipure Adapt, which has been describe by adidas as “a premium running shoe, that supports the mid-to forefoot foot strike, facilitates higher muscle activity and sufficient joint stability and provides runners with guidance for an efficient run.”

The scientist have found out that common heel cushioning in training shoes (especially running shoes) is a con, as cushioned footwear are only perfect for walking purposes as it exhibits a heel to forefoot strike but during running we are physiologically designed to have a forefoot/midfoot to heel strike. This scientific evidence for this has been around for years but yet footwear designers have neglected to alter their design of running shoes until recently.

Adidas have developed the Adidas Adipure Adapt which encompasses all this scientific research and has been made to harness the body’s natural mechanics. adidas adiPure Adapt, weights at a mere 128grams,  is made to harness the body’s natural running mechanics and is design to offers minimal cushioning between the wearer and the ground which forces your legs and feet to experience the gentle changes in impact, Thus, encouraging the runner to use the mid or fore-foot, this enhances a more natural run

Although not the first on the market that come with a Natural Running shoe,  the adipure Adapt is the flattest running shoe adidas has ever designed. The adipure Adapt is design by Specialists from several field of sports medicine to ensure that an efficient runners will have the opportunity to improve their speed, strength and power over time running in them.


The upper Techfit adipure Adapt stretch mesh material adapts to your foot really seamless. That provides a good feeling of freedom. There’s no pressure, no rubbing or chafing. At the same time adipure Adapt is very breathable, and it can be worn with or without socks. its 100% Rain or water permeable


The midsole material in the form of a TPU Protection Plate and ADIPRENE provides a degree of protection and cushioning, so that one obtains an absolute barefoot feeling.

Final Thought

The Adidas Adipure Adapt does take some time for one to adapt on to as from personal experience I can’t emphasize strongly enough is that user must take a progressive approach to adapting into the shoes. Clocking serious distances in Adipure right out of the box without any previous experience with barefoot training is asking for trouble. Take heed of the training recommendations included in the box with the shoes — for the first week, just walk around the house in them and then, gradually add them to your training regimen, with only incremental increases in distance and intensity. Rushing and pushing yourself to run high mileage at very short time is a great recipe for pain and injury.


The adipure Adapt is a training footwear  that will aid runners to achieve a more natural running form, forefoot – mid-foot strike. It provides runners to train with the musculoskeletal system as well as their foot muscles and improve their running technique. Wear it everyday and gradually adapt to a more natural and effecient running form with the Adidas Adipure Adapt.

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