Adidas moving from Light to Lightest to Minimalist

Adidas may have been a little late or rather a little new to be competing in the minimalist running shoe category but they have been working hard, researching and developing on a solution for the past several years which had now given birth to the adipure collection.

Unlike the recently release adipure Trainer which is a minimalist 5-toes training shoe which is for use in gym for workout and the Crossfit,  this adipure collection is design by Specialists from several field of sports medicine to ensure that an efficient runners will have the opportunity to improve their speed, strength and power over time running in them.

The adipure Collections is a complete range of Minimalist shoes for runners of all levels from beginner to advanced.  Whatever your running style, you can choose the shoes that are right for you so you can improve your running technique step-by-step.

Adipure Collection  [photo:

The adipure collection consist of three models with heel-to-toe differential from 11mm to 4mm


Adipure Motion [photo Edited from:

The adipure Motion is for the Beginner and is the first step in natural running and weighing in around 205g. The Motion has good cushioning and a stack height of about 27mm.

Heel-to-toe differential at 11mm


Adidas adipure Gazelle [photo:]

The adipure Gazelle is for the intermediate runner or someone who already has already progressed into natural running. The shoe weighs in around 178g  and has a stack height of about 16mm.

Heel-to-toe differential at 7mm


adipure Adapt [Photo: My Running Addiction]

The adipure Adapt is for the advanced runner or someone who can already run barefoot or is very comfortable with the barefoot-style of running. This shoe weighs in around 128gand has a stack height of about 13mm.

Heel-to-toe differential at 4mm

We here at My Running addiction had recently gotten a pair of Adidas adipure Adapt to test and review. Look out for our review schedule to publish in a few days time.

The Adidas adipure collection of minimalist running shoes will be available in Late August 2012 from selected online Adidas store

Cheers! (:

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