Review: Salomon XR Mission Hybrid Door to Trail Shoe

Salomon had recently launch their new member to it’s XR (Cross racing) trail running member; The Salomon XR Mission.

The Salomon XR Mission is a mid distance trail running shoe that is designed for avid trail runners who required a hybrid pair of shoe for use in Road and Trail terrain.  Equip with a flexible lightweight upper and midsole as well as a durable outsole that gives the support that you need when running over rough uneven ground whereas the lug pattern on the shoe means that you are able to comfortably run on roads as well as all but the muddiest of trails. – door to trail.

The combination of the following features is almost unreal.  The XR Mission shoes are light, and are unbelievable to think that Salomon can pack so many features on it without having to add more weight to the shoe.  One feature people often overlook is the gusseted tongue – it keeps dirt, mud, and basically all debris out of your shoe.

This lightweight, comfortable, and responsive shoe is a true athlete’s dream come true. So much so the XR Mission were designed in collaboration with 2 time Olympic Marathoner and 6 time Moutain Running World Champion Jonathan Wyatt, yet were designed to be gender specific.

The women’s version of the Salomon’s XR Mission is formed on a women’s-specific last for a perfect fit and great support. Asymmetrical Sensifit wraps a woman’s foot to provide arch support and increased foothold while cradling the midsole so the fit is stable and snug. It is specifically designed with similar components as the men’s but distinct to women’s needs as women have different gait patterns and lower-limb biomechanics than men. This means that the way women run is significantly different, and it also helps explain why female runners have distinct injury patterns.  Designer from Salomon are aware of these thus the design of the XR Mission woman have been design accordingly to specifically cater to woman specifications.


  • Weight = 344grams (Size 10)
  • The SENSI-FIT technology that reduces the amount of material slippage by wrapping overlays around you foot providing a snug fit which help to remove the tendency for your feet to move around within the upper as you run.  The firm hold keeps your foot where it needs to be, over the tread and offers support and freedom near the medial and lateral knuckles of your foot.  Hexagon TPU material on both side of the shoe allows the fabric to expand and contract which drastically reduce the chance of bunions and help removed the potential for blisters. It is as if it molds to your foot.
  • The wide cushioning of the Salomon XR Mission Outsole is quite remarkable.  The chevron Contagrip pattern assists your acceleration and breaking making the shoe handle like no other while the OS Tendon saves precious energy.
  • The Contagrip LT has grip like a mudding truck without the heavy rubber.  The soft light material reduces the XR Mission’s overall weight and increases traction.
  • The high abrasion areas of the heel and ball of the foot are the dedicated areas when the Contagrip HA is located.  This dependable material won’t wear away like common outsole material and it offers great support and impact resistance.


The XR Missions provide grip when you need it but have a less aggressive lug pattern than spikes or off-road shoes, making them a great choice for the long distance trail runner who needs comfort as well as support.

The XR Mission are the most well rounded training shoe, I’ve ran in in the last two months for gym, trail running, road running and even to work.  I did several running session of 10- 15Km distance on them on both road and trail and clocking about 50km of mileage in the pass month, Moving from a trail shoe to the XR Missions you immediately notice the difference in terms of flexibility and weight, The XR Mission feel much more responsive both on the trail and on the road.

The XR Mission is the pair of shoe that will help you accomplish your training Mission from start to finish on both Road and Trail.

Compete and complete your next run with the Salomon XR Mission. The Salomon XR Mission is available at all Salomon Concept store and World of Sports from Mid April 2012 onwards.

Mission Accomplish!

Run to look forward to : 


Date: 20th May 2012
Race Start Time: 7.30am
Venue: ZhangDe Primary School
Address: 51 Jalan Membina Singapore 169485
Distance: Competitive 14km

To Register :

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