Review: Crocs Crosmesh Hover Lace Up

The team was invited to attend a fashion show organize by Crocs Singapore, You might ask what does this have to do with Running? The answers is simple, a few months ago we have review Crocs Prepair2 series footwear which is a recovery footwear that help the feet rest after a long run as it allows the feet to open up and rest as you walk. Since then, Crocs have came out with several new other design that caters to a variety of activities from casual wear to even being use in water activities such as kayaking and dragon boating.

The Fashion show serve 2 purpose firstly in conjunction with its 10th year anniversary and the launch of its Spring and Summer collection and to showcase Crocs new line of footwear for both Men and Woman.

The Fashion show also rewards their fans with a $10 voucher where they can spend on the latest Crocs footwear range that is being showcased during the fashion show.

Secondly was to promote Crocs Mix and Match Mobile Phone Apps for download on IPhones and Androids.

Crocs Mix & Match mobile app showcases Crocs signature collection of boat shoes, wedges, slip ons and loafers for user to experience it first virtually before they head down to the Crocs Concept store to make their purchase. Essentially the Apps give suggestions on the suitable Crocs footwear for you based on your outfit and feet.

The app also allows users snap a picture of their outfits and allows them to choose the focus colours and then matches the best pair of Crocs shoes to coordinate with what they are wearing. There are about 300 styles online for users to mix and match.

Crocs is also organizing a makeover contest where they are offering a total makeover package valued at USD8, 000 in just a few clicks away. Go to the New Crocs New You website,, and in 500 words or less, tell the world why you deserve the ultimate makeover. Best part of it is that it’s free and you don’t have to buy any Crocs footwear to enter the contest,

Among all the Crocs shoe showcase at the fashion show we have decided to do a short review on the CROCS CROSMESH HOVER LACE UP men’s Model shoe.

Making use of the Innovative Perforated CrosMesh™ Ventilated Lace Up upper offers enhanced breathability, which keep your foot cool and dry when wearing them. The Lace allows you to future customize according to your preferred lacing style thus adding more personality to the footwear. According to own preference tightening the lacing and tying off the ends secures the foot within the shoe.

The Crosmesh Hover is equipped with a Lightweight Croslite™ material midsole offers lightweight cushioning. Signature Crocs comfort. It has an Ultra suede patch on heel for additional comfort and Non-marking Croslite™ material outsole thus not to leave any shoe print when you walk around in them. The Crocs Crosmesh makes very good water for use in activities such as Kayaking as it provide good grip even on wet surfaces.

The Crocs Crosmesh Hover is an excellent shoe for the beach as sands does not get trapped into the sole, the crosmesh is light and soft, it almost feels as if you are not wearing any shoe.

At the same time it can be use as a casual shoe as well. The material is quick drying and very breathable, feet feel fresh as the shoe is well ventilated.

CROCS CROSMESH HOVER LACE UP is available in 2 other colors Parrot Green/ White and True Red/ White for $114.90 at all Crocs Concept store.

More Information about the Make over Contest can be found at Crocs at or Alternatively you may want to visit the New Crocs New You

Cheers! (:

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