Press Release: Adidas AdiPure Trainer

adidas Unveils New Natural Training Shoe

adidas Goes all in with all-natural Trainers

Singapore, 26th March 2012 – adidas has unveiled the new adipure Trainer, the first natural-style training shoe designed specifically for the gym.  Promoting pure and natural movement by harnessing the body’s natural mechanics, the adipure Trainer activates and strengthens muscles, builds balance and promotes dexterity.

“A lot of engineering went into making your foot a high performance machine,” said Mark Verstegen, founder of Athletes’ Performance and current adidas Ambassador.  “To achieve your full potential during a workout, you need to focus on how your feet interact with the ground in the same way you think about how your hands interact with a ball or a bat.  Using your foot’s natural power and movement will help you strengthen muscles you never knew you had in your feet, lower legs and throughout your core.”

Featuring an independent toe separation design and a quarter-inch minimalistic profile, the adipure Trainer allows an athlete’s foot to be close to the ground for optimal speed, balance and agility during a workout.

“My feet are able to move naturally in all directions and I can work muscles from my toes all the way to my calves. The adipure helps me improve my balance and increase my foot and leg strength to help me play a full 90 minutes at my highest level” (Heather O’Reilly –  midfielder, U.S. women’s national soccer team)

“When I tested out the adipure I could immediately feel the muscles in my feet and legs were getting a different kind of workout. Every advantage I can get in the gym to better prepare for the season will pay off on the field.” (Jerrel Jernigan – wide receiver, New York Giants)

The foot-shaped construction of the adipure Trainer mimics the foot’s anatomy creating a natural-feeling shoe that still protects the skin and provides traction and durability.

“The adipure Trainer is for athletes who want to maximize their workout in the gym to get better for game day,” said Adrian Carney, adidas’ Category Manager for Men’s Training.  “In almost every sport, your foot is the first part of your body to absorb impact or get you moving, so it’s crucial for your feet to provide balance, flexibility and strength.  The adipure is designed to help athletes strengthen their feet and lower legs while still providing comfort and protection during their strength training and conditioning workouts.”

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