Important Safety Tips to Use When Running

Whether you are running and training for a marathon or for just to keep fit, safety is a very important as you are shares the road with other runners and with non-runners. Here are a few important safety tips that you need to use when you are running outdoors.

If you’re running outdoors, it’s better to avoid wearing headphones but if you have to keep the volume low and manageable. You need to tune into your body while running and you need to be able to hear other people, cars, or even dogs. It’s also a good idea to run against traffic if you are running on the road. Try to make eye contact with drivers so they really see you. Stop before crossing any road junctions and if possible take the overhead bridges, underpass and zebra crossing to get onto the other side

When running in a group, make sure that you are running single file. Do be reminded that you don’t have the right of way unless if you’re crossing with the light at a junctions. Don’t expect people to give you the right of way.

It’s always a good idea to tell someone you are going out running, tell them how long you plan to be gone and the route you are going to take. Make sure you have your ID with you as well as an emergency phone number and bring along your mobile phone. Alternatively, you could get an ID-Band or Road ID tag for yourself.

If running at night, go with light colored clothing. Reflective clothing is even better if you have it. Vary your route too. This way no one can count on you always being in a specific place every day.

Precaution is better than cure. Better to be late then sorry. Run Safe.

Cheers! (:

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