Review: 7 Runner Friendly Headphones

Having a good pair of earpiece to listen to your beats while running is important for most runners who can’t run without their music player. The headphones that typically come with portable music players aren’t always a good fit for runners, since they sound tinny and fall out easily. We outfitted our wear-testers with some of the latest ear pieces are designed to stay put during the toughest workouts. Here are some of the most comfortable, cleanest sounding, and loudest running of the bunch.

Sennheiser PMX 70 Sport Neckband

It would be easy to forget you’re wearing these lightweight wraparounds if it weren’t for the eye-catching neon-green cord that enters the left side of the headset. The speakers are a touch too big, but testers liked the headphones’ secure fit and excellent depth and range of sound.

Sennheiser Adidas CX 680

The Sennheiser/adidas CX 680 Sports ear canal phones ensure a high attenuation of ambient noise and lets you focused on both your music and work out. Their strain relief parts are made of highly-flexible, shock-absorbing material while the cable is Dupont™ Kevlar® reinforced, offering you unmatched strength and durability. Even under the toughest of conditions. feature a unique moisture protection system – it protects the sound system from sweat and water, no matter how heavy you work out (and sweat) or how heavy the rain may be. Testers loved the sound quality and the convenience of the headphones’ volume.

Sony MDR-Q23LPPS w.ear Headphones

Sony’s cushioned clip-ons provide a comfort, snug, and stable fit. the Plastic clips hold the speakers to your ears, making them a great choice for those who don’t like wraparounds and for those who finds earbuds too invasive. But when compared with in-ear headphones, testers found the sound quality one-dimensional and didn’t like how the cushions got sweaty on long runs.

Motorola MOTOROKR S9

These sleek and sexy headphones do away with annoying wires that can tangle up your runs. Designed for Bluetooth cell phones–a separate adapter is needed for portable music players–the S9 is stable and extremely light, weighing about one ounce. Testers loved the sound quality and the convenience of the headphones’ volume and playback controls.

Philips SHS3201 Earhook Headphones

These headphones look like earbuds with angel wings–soft white rubber ear-hooks that hold the headset still. Testers noted how well the small speakers handled bass without muddying the overall sound. However the cable is a flaw, as tester feels that the design would be better if it had a deeper V and an adjustable slide so runners could control the wires.

The Nike Vapor Sport Headphones

Designed to maintain focus on tough runs and training sessions, the Nike Vapor Sport Headphones deliver a no-distraction, ergonomic design and crystal-clear sound quality. It is swear-resistant and is design for comfort/ Although the Nike VaporSports didn’t isolate external noise, sound quality was still pretty good. However The fit wasn’t as solid as the other earphones.

Philips SHQ3000/98 ActionFit Sports Earphones

Constructed with water proof material coupled with an anti-bacterial agent that help kill germs, Washable and Sweat proof these headphones have been designed for the fitness enthusiast that like bass thumping stereo sounds to fuel the workout. Tester prefer these the most due to its superior sound, comfort and secure fit when running. Excellent in the rain.

One Last thing.


Listening to Music while running is a good way to help one motivated to run at a pace or even faster but do keep in mind that safety is the most important of all. Do watch your surrounding and make sure you cross the road safety, better still if you got your earphones on while attempting to cross the road. Stop, look left, look right and left again before crossing. Alternatively, take overhead bridges, underpass and Traffic light when crossing to the other side when you are running.

Cheers! (:

8 thoughts on “Review: 7 Runner Friendly Headphones

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