5 Running Tips for Weight loss

Here are 5 Running tips  for weight loss

1) Pre Run Fuel & Hydration

Start your run fueled and hydrated.  A great pre-run food is porridge or muesli bar.

Most people find that a meal will take 2 – 3 hours to digest before they can run.

Stay off the caffeinated drinks before a run such as coffee, tea and cola as it will dehydrate you quicker. Instead, Drink water, fruit juices or herbal/fruit teas.

Drinking enough fluid so that your urine runs clear before you head out of the door is another good thing to practice.

2) Pack Carbohydrate

If you will be running for more than an hour bring along some carbohydrate with you.  This can be a banana, some fruit chews or a sports carbohydrate drink.

Do experiment with what works for you.  If you do choose anything other than the sports drink, you will need to also take out some water to stay hydrated.

3) Post Run Meal

After your run have something to eat within 15 minutes.  A banana or any wholegrain carbohydrate will do the trick perhaps a bowl of cereal or oatmeal.

Eating within 15 minutes after run will takes advantage of the increased enzyme sensitivity in your body to absorb carbohydrates and refuel your muscles ready for next time.

4) Eat a Full Meal

Within 2 hours of finishing your run eat a normal meal containing a variety of complex carbohydrates and protein such as a turkey sandwich, chicken curry or salmon and vegetables.

5) Stay away from Tidbits 

Remember to stay off the chocolate, chips etc.  It is really easy to reward yourself with these foods but you could as you might end up eating more calories than you burnt during the run itself.

Finally, people run for different reasons but running should not be just for weight loss.  You may find that you do not lose weight but that your clothes fit better because you are toning up and losing fat but gaining muscle.

Muscle uses more calories at rest that fat does and therefore increases the amount of calories burnt during the day and night.

Don’t measure your success by what is on the weighing scales, instead, go by how you feel, by then you should start to feel more relaxed and have more energy as compared to before you even step foot out of your house for a run.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished Race. The miracle is that I had the courage to start”

Cheers! (:

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