Training: How to Improve Breathing While Running

Breathing is only one process that delivers oxygen to where it is needed in the body and removes carbon dioxide. Breathing is a very important part of running. Many beginners runners don’t know how to breathe properly while they are out on the road. Breathing not only delivers oxygen to the blood and muscles, but it also helps to keep your body relaxed.
Here’s how you could improve your breathing while running
  1. Do not gasp or pant
  2. Take full deep breaths
  3. Try to breathe only through your nose. Unlike breathing through your mouth, it filters impurities and regulates your body temperature.
  4. If you have time before running, walk for 5 – 15 minutes. During the walk, try to breathe deeply steadily while keeping your belly relaxed. After that, jog as slow as possible until your run.
Cheers! (:

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