Hype: The North Face 100 Singapore 2011

The North Face® 100 Singapore 2011 is now in its fourth installment, this grueling annual race will be held on 15 October 2011 in Singapore to challenge more than 1,500 hard core and enthusiastic trail runners to push their personal limits through negotiating the forest reserves of the Central Catchment area, to Bukit Timah, Mandai etc.

There will be 3 distance categories to cater to trail runners of different levels:

  • 100km Solo
  • 100km Duo (Team of 2 to complete 50km each)
  • 50km Duo (Team of 2 to complete 25km each)

Things to Look out for in 2011

  • The North Face 100® race includes three disciplines of 100km Solo, 100km Duo and 50km Duo. The total participants increase from 300 pax in 2008 to 1,500 in 2011.
  • The 100km Solo category is the most challenging race in The North Face 100® series and is limited to 40 invited participants in 2011. The start time has been moved from 4:00am to 1:00am
  • The race route is a mixture of paved road, rocky paths, tracks and trails and will consist of a 20% change as compared to 2010. The race route will be kept confidential and will be release one week before the race.
  • Both men and women placing 1st to 3rd in each of the races will receive cash and/ or merchandise awards provided by The North Face® and the event sponsors. The top winner of 100KM Solo category will win a fully sponsored trip to Beijing, China, to represent Singapore to compete in the Grand Finale.


15th Oct 2011

  • 100KM SOLO – 1AM
  • 100KM DUO – 8AM (note: change of time)
  • 50KM DUO – 10AM
Mandatory Kit (Must Bring Item)
  • Race Bib
  • Hydration with minimum 1.5l capacity for 100km solo & 100km duos and 1l capacity for 50km duos. This can be in the form of a hydration bag, fuel belt or bottles.
  • Food, Fuel bars or gels
  • Mobile Phone and Emergency contact sheet
  • Race Course Map
  • Small medical kit for blisters and abrasions (for 100km solo and 100km Duo runners)
  • Night Head-light & 1 extra set of batteries (for 100km solo runners)
For More Information: http://thenorthface100.com.sg
Cheers! (:

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